Multnomah People's Commune

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Multnomah People's Commune (MPC)
Motto: Their land we protect, their mountain we cherish, their legacy we honor!
Anthem: Hymn of the Multnomah People's Commune
Portland, Oregon
Official languagesNone (official), English (de facto)
GovernmentAnarcho-communist city-state with participatory direct democracy
• Administrator
Morgan Taylor
LegislaturePeople's Council
EstablishmentAugust 2019
• Census
Time zoneUTC -7 to -8

The Multnomah People's Commune (or MPC) is an anarcho-communist city-state that makes up 1 of 17 communes in the Renoan Federal People's Democratic Republic and serves as the Renoan federal and Cascadian state capital. It is situated in the southeast metro area of Portland, Oregon. It derives its flag from the city of Portland and its name from the county of Multnomah, the county being named after Chief Multnomah and the Multnomah people.

Government and History

Today, Multnomah is governed as a anarcho-communist, participatory, direct democracy with the People's Council holding full legislative power and freedom. The Council does not hold any set number of seats as it is open to the public to participate, propose, vote on, and enact legislation. In this fashion, the people (in Council) elect the Administrator who is the de facto leader of Multnomah People's Commune, taking inspiration, with respect, from the Multnomah people. The Council typically meets every 1–2 weeks.

Multnomah was once known by many incarnations prior to its reorganization as a tribal state. Under the name of "Portlandia" and known officially as the Portlandian Soviet Socialist Republic from August 2019 to December 2020, the Portlandian People's Republic from December 2020 to February 2021, and the Portlandian Pagan People's Republic from February to July 2021, it took the name of "Multnomah" to pay tribute and honor the legacy of Chief Multnomah and the First Nations people who resided, and still reside, in and around the Portland metro area. The polity was once governed as a one-party socialist state under the rule of the Soviet Socialist Party. The Party, in essence, controlled all aspects of the state. The Party leader, according to its constitution and the Constitution was the de facto Premier of Portlandia and acted as the supreme and paramount leader of the constituency. The People's Soviet was the unicameral body, with the the power to make and pass legislation and amend the constitution. However, it was largely subservient to the Party and as such was largely a rubber stamp. As the Smithist regime and Cascadian socialism began to slowly crumble to the more democratic Cascadian syndicalist movement, the Soviet Socialist Party began to factionalize and eventually fell into inactivity in early to mid-2021 and became defunct.

In September 2021, Cascadia's regime collapsed and Smith retreated into isolation and the micronation dissolved, though Multnomah continued to de facto exist in relative obscurity. On December 24, 2021, the Multnomah People's Commune was revived as an independent city-state. The first session of the Multnomah People's Council commenced on January 4, 2022, with Titania Smith being elected the Facilitator of the People's Council and Administrator of the People's Commune. On January 18, 2022, the first and only party to date, the People's Freedom Assembly, was established with all 4 citizens joining. On February 5, Titania Smith entered negotiations with President Gabriel Sebastian of Ethosia and the Multnomah People's Council voted to join its union on February 7. On March 22, the Ethosian government fell and Multnomah regained its independence, however, on the same day it signed the Treaty of Multnomah, becoming a vassal of the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun. In June 2022, Cimbrun announced a hiatus and possible departure from the community. Smith then notified the Basileus of Multnomah's intention to declare independence and, after a bilateral agreement, the decision was formalized days later by the Multnomah People's Council. Within the coming weeks, discussions with the Renoan Empire began to take place. After Events outside the micronations spurred on a desire for democracy and independence by many citizens of both polities, Multnomah joined the Renoans to form the Renoan Federal People's Democratic Republic.