New Reno

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Kingdom of New Reno

Fortune Awaits in The Hills!
Capital cityNew Reno
Largest cityNew Reno
Official language(s)None (official), English (de facto)
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy
- QueenHSM Juno Smith
- PraetorDiana Smith
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - November 2019
EstablishedJune 2015
CurrencyCascadian State Credit
US Dollar
Time zoneUTC -7 to -8
National dishTurkey
National drinkTea
National animalShitzu
Patron saintJesus Christ

New Reno (also officially known as the Kingdom of New Reno) is a constituent country of the Cascadian Democratic Republic located in and in the foothills above Sacramento, California as well Fresno. Governed as a constitutional monarchy, the monarch acts as head of state with little authoritative powers while the Praetor presides over the Renoan Senate and represents the state in the Cascadian National Assembly. It was founded as a state of Shaoshan in 2015. On December 4, 2016, Shaoshan dissolved and the Marxian Premier, with agreement of the Olaf King and Shaoshanian President, reformed the alliance into an empire to form Sonora. In doing so, the City of New Reno became a vassal state. Following the socialist revolution in Sonora, New Reno remained defiant as a dominant party state under the rule of the conservative, nationalist, and christian democratic National Party. In response, Sonora granted New Reno special administrative status, giving it greater autonomy. New Reno abolished the Earldom in favor of a constitutional republic. The Earldom retruned during the Winter of 2017-2018 but was reconstituted in February 2018.


New Reno started as a town governed by its sole citizen and Governor, Ceres Smith, the great grandmother of Titus Smith. It was one of the most loyalist pockets to his regime and continued to hold the most prominence among other towns. It was upgraded to City status in November 2016 with the addition of two new citizens. On December 4, 2016, Shaoshan dissolved and the Marxian Premier reorganized the alliance into a empire, with agreement from the other two powers. Under the empire, the City of New Reno became a vassal state with semi-autonomy with the Sonoran monarch Earl and the Chief Minister as chief executive and head of the Renoan Senate. Following Sonora's socialist revolution, New Reno gained more autonomy as a special administrative region. It has since remained a self-governing entity. In March 2018, New Reno was granted the ability to retain its Special Administrative status while also being allowed to run a representative for the Sonoran National Assembly. For most of the rest of 2018, New Reno exercised a level of varying autonomy and bouts of independence, even engaging in aid to the rebels in the Sonoran Civil War. New Reno joined the Sonoran Confederation in November 2018 but when the Confederation collapsed, it de facto regained independence. In June 2019, it joined the Republic of Cascadia, formalizing its incorporation into its union. In October 2019, the Christian Democrats and Nationals, having united briefly as the Freedom Party, left with a handful remaining. The full former citizenry returned by January 2020.

Government and politics

New Reno is governed as a constitutional monarchy. Its head of state is a sovereign king or queen who operates as a ceremonial figurehead with the functions of the state and its governing body, the Senate, and the powers of the state executive residing with Praetor. The Praetor is the head of the Senate, leading its discussion and breaking ties, if deadlock occurs. The Praetor is also the state's representative in the Cascadian National Assembly. The Monarchy, however, still maintains the role as the Commander-in-Chief of the forces within the nation and has the power to declare war, however, the monarch needs Senate approval for combat longer than 21 days. The Praetor is elected every three months. The Cascadian Army provides national defense for the state while the Cascadian Police Force is the civilian defense. The Renoan Senate is a participatory gathering through the form of parliamentary democracy to make policy and direct and progress the state.