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—  previous third City of Arkadelphia now Capital City of The first wave Comunibals  —

Nickname(s): none at the moment
Motto: none at the moment
Country The first wave Comunibals
Founded July 30th, 2020
 - representative Crimson King
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 - Total 4
Time zone central standard time

Crimson was the third city to be admitted into the Republic of Arkadelphia. It housed the representative of the city and province "Crimson King". It became apart of the nation when Joseph Hackley asked "Crimson King" if they wanted to join the republic which they said yes. Originally, it was named Franco but was later changed. Some parts of the city was unique to it alone such as the "playground".


The name Crimson was chosen both in reference to the cities representative but also due to crimson meaning "of a rich deep red color inclining to purple." fitting well with the color of the cities flag.



This part of Crimson's past is heavily unknown except that the land that makes up Crimson was apart of the state of Arkansas from 2015 to July 30, 2020 when Crimson was admitted to the republic.

Early days

Not much changed for crimson other than the name of the city being switched from Franco to Crimson and having voted for term limits of the prime minister on the republic's discord server.

Expansion era/Current day

Overall not much had changed but this did mark the creation of the cities official flag and incorporation of the "playground" as part of the city.

The breakaway era

the city of crimson broke away from the Republic of Arkadelphia on April 3, 2022 over political differences along with the city of onii and started a war with the republic on April 12, 2022 over crimson trying to taxing Arkadelphia which Arkadelphia refused to pay.


The citizens that lived in crimson follow an American/European culture.


The current representative of Crimson is "Crimson king".


Administrative building

the base of operations for Crimson.

Nathan drive

The only road inside the city it went from the Administrative building to the Arkadelphian/U.S.A. border.

The "playground"

the one unique part of this city being the first recreational area within the republic consisting of a trampoline and playground structure.


There really is no use for a transport system within the cities borders as you can get to everything fairly quickly, but there are plans for one when the nation needs one.