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—  City and capital of Arkadelphia  —

Nickname(s): city of the hills
Motto: be just and fear not
Country Republic of Arkadelphia
Founded July 29th, 2020
 - representative Joseph Hackley & Emma Hackley
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Time zone central standard time

Edwin is the capital of Arkadelphia. It houses the current prime minister Joseph Hackley. It became a part of the nation when Arkadelphia was founded. Originally, it was named Robinson but was later changed. Some important parts of the city are unique to the city, such as the first park and the first road.


Edwin is composed of the elements "ead 'prosperity'", 'fortune' + wine 'friend'. It was chosen due to a streak of luck inside the micronational community at the time, and due to where Edwin now stands, being a part of "wine country" due to French heritage in the surrounding area.



The early days of Edwin are mostly unknown. From September 2009 until July 29, 2020, it was a part of the state of Arkansas. Sometime in June to July 2020, the current prime minister Joseph H. started to fiddle around with the Arkansas state flag trying to make a redesign of it. With its completion sparked the idea of the nation and is currently the flag of the nation and the city/province of Edwin.

Early days

Most of the early days of Edwin was mostly as the base of operations for the nation, but through this base came several diplomatic allies throughout the world, from as close as inside the state to as far away as central Asia. One important benchmark in Edwin's history during this time was its cooperation with other micro-nations in the Ozark region states, with it being held as the base for Arkadelphian operations within the Association of Ozark Micro-Nations (AOMN).

Expansion era/Current day

In the current day, a few new additions to the city have been made, including two parks located to the northwest and southeast respectively. In this era came the first lease of land from the city of 0.5 km2 by the Primorskii Imperial Government. This deal will last until September 16, 2022.


All citizens that live in Edwin follow an American/European culture with heavy ties to Ireland, England, the Netherlands, and Poland.


The current representatives of Edwin is Emma H. and Joseph H. with him also being current prime minister of the Republic of Arkadelphia.


Edwin consists of:

Capital Building

The building where independence was declared and where the prime minister does a majority of his work.

Lincoln park

This is the first park of the micronation and city first incorporated on July 30, 2020 being the smaller of the national parks but has the only park trail in Edwin.

Mcmurry park

This is the second park of the micronation and city first incorporated on September 16, 2021 being the largest park in the city it also has the only camping area.

Randell road

The only road inside the city it goes from the capitol building to the Arkadelphian/U.S.A. border.

Isaac's hill

The highest point in the country and city topping at 446.2 ft in height.

a shot of Lincoln park and Isaac's hill


There really is no use for a transport system within the cities borders as you can get to everything fairly quickly, but there are plans for one when the nation needs one.