Alexander I, Basileus of Cimbrun

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Basileus Alexander I Irikladis
Βασίλειος Αλέξανδρος I Ηρικλάδης
Alexander I in 2021
Heir presumptive Phillip I, Crown Prince of Cimbrun
Full name
Alexander Imran Irikladis
House House of Irikladis
Born 6 May 2002
Corpus Christi, Texas, America
Religion Hellenismos

Dale Alexander Burke, now known as Alexander I Irikladis, is the founder and Basileus of the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun. He first entered the micronational community in January 2019, though his royal position (f.m.a. Emperor of Orini) dates back to 2014, during Cimbrun's ancient period as a Pokémon group and his interest in micronationalism dates to that time as well.


Early Life

Alexander I Irikladis was born as Dale Alexander Burke on May 6th, 2002 to the Queen Mother, Ayesha Rabiah Terrel (then Brandie Renee Burke), and his biological father, Dale Allen Burke. He was interested in video games from the age of 18 months after witnessing his biological father and a friend play Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, and at the age of 7, he first played Pokémon Platinum on a flash cart. This would inspire him to play the games as a fan. In 2014, at the very end of what Pokémon fans call Generation V, Pokémon Facebook groups sprang up. Alexander had joined Facebook in 2010 (under a false age) in order to roleplay, most infamously playing a murderous race of characters known as Primals (later Primordials), and saw the groups as a way to gain new friends.

Alexander, the group conqueror: 2014-2019

Alexander's earliest time in the Pokémon groups was spent lurking and speculating on the first Generation VI games, however, he soon created a group of his own: the Orinian Empire. He would enter groups and try to conquer them, unaware that this sort of aggressive behavior was not allowed. The first group owner seemingly obliged in order to troll him, causing the only major upset the Ancient era Orinian Empire would cause as thousands of people, assuming Alexander was now admin and would cleanse the satirical Pokémon group known as Pokéspot of its satirical elements, left the group. However, further attempts to conquer groups failed, and Alexander eventually clashed with Thayer Cranor, a supposedly ruthless group owner who enjoyed roleplaying who would usurp the throne, only for Dale to get it back as he left and the group died.

This clash went on for years, and caused trouble for Alexander, who, traumatized by abuse from his father who he was visiting and a desire to get into drama on YouTube where he spent much of his time uploading videos, was hospitalized numerous times between 2017 and early 2019, showing no improvement and even being arrested once until a judge used social media as a bargaining chip for good behavior.


Alexander joined the micronational community upon being let back on social media, ready to use his mind for something better than what he did before. However, Alexander was still very much insane, having two lapses of judgment due to misunderstandings with how the community worked. He eventually joined a micronational UN of sorts, where Cycoldia and Etukan had a court case. Alexander, as a prosecutor, sided with Cycoldia, leading to the Great Micronational War (which a poorly written article would be made for later.) This would lead to a short exile after the empire was nuked, then the return of the empire as Cimbrun after a failed Second Orinian Empire. The Imperium of Orini-Cimbrun failed as well, but in February 2021, Alexander returned to micronationalism under the Hellenic Empire of Cimbrun.

Alexander was very much "simulationist" as described by gatekeepers on /r/micronations, even defending simulationism in a wrongfully made statement where he said land ownership could lead to death. However, he would soon meet Desslok, who would mentor him into one of the biggest nations on /r/micronations prior to its leaving in an attempt to start a new sector on a digital messaging frontend known as Escargot and joining the MicroWiki sector. He currently plans on heading to Las Vegas in 2022 for MicroCon.

Personal life

Alexander is an avid video game and anime fan. He is a video game collector and a speedrunner of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, though he hasn't officially submitted a run yet due to lack of recording hardware. His favorite anime are Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Attack on Titan. He is a practicing Hellenist, and Zeus is his patron deity. He also runs a parody account on Twitter, @ParodySayaka, though he rarely makes jokes (referred to in the scene as "banger tweets") or posts Photoshop edits, preferring instead to roleplay.

He is bisexual, a demiboy, and a femboy, though he rarely shows this side to micronationalists. He considered going trans at some point but ultimately led to his decision to become a demiboy.