Alexandra "Irikladis" Terrel

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Alexandra "Irikladis" Terrel
Alexandra in 2021.
Other namesSayakatheSnoo
CitizenshipUnited States, Nicaea
OccupationsPlays Dungeons and Dragons for a living
TitleBasileia of the Free Kingdom of Nicaea, its Poleis and Themes,
Political partyIrikladian Front
ReligionHellenismos, former member of the Cultus of Avadonia
EthnicityCaucasian, considers herself ethnic Nicaean

Alexandra Terrel, also known as Alexandra Irikladis (formerly known as Dale Alexander Burke and Muhammad), is a separatist with some ties to the micronational community. She is the Basileia of the Free Kingdom of Nicaea (and by extension the Irikladian Imperium), Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Pontunia, Royal Duty Officer for Information in Hokoria, and Digital Vice President of Mabruenia, as well as the party leader of the Irikladian Front. She is currently disgraced by parts of the community. She entered the community in January of 2019, but her position (f.m.a. Emperor of Orini, Imperator of Orini, Basileus of Cimbrun) dates back to 2015 or perhaps earlier.


Early Years

Alexandra was born on May 6th, 2002. The first few years of her life were uneventful, with very few memories of this time remaining. What is known is that when Alexandra was 18 months, she watched her biological father and a friend of his play Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 together, creating a love for video games and anime that has lasted to the present day. She would be introduced to Pokémon at the age of 7, playing Platinum on a flash cart, but never really got far in the game until the age of 8 or 9. From the age of 9, Alexandra roleplayed on Facebook, as a murderous race of aliens known as the Primalians (later Primordians, or Primords for short), this would get Alexandra to be considered a troll. Most of the pages belonging to this era are lost, however, the second page of the Primalian emperor Sephiroth (which would later inspire a character named Azaret III Harikura, the emperor of the Great Harikura empire) is still available.

The Archaíos Era: The Rise of Orini, 2014-2019

Around 2014, Pokemon groups were introduced, the first and most popular of which at the time was Pokemon New Generation[1]. At first, Alexandra discussed the Generation VI games, which were new at the time with XY being unreleased. However, on or before April 9th, 2015, a group was created, initially called the Pokemon Empire but later changing its name to the Grandeur Orinian Empire[2]. This group quickly attempted to subjugate Pokespot, a large group, however its admins trolled Alexandra, and Pokespot would become a source of enmity for Alexandra. The Sternlitch empire would become another source of conflict, and the Elite Pokémon Society would be another. Eventually, in 2016 Alexandra would be hospitalized, being released from her last hospital in December of 2018 and being allowed on social media by a judge in January of 2019.

The Early Micronational Period: January-August 2019

Alexandra would quickly join the micronational community, though several incidents would occur throughout January and February. During the following months, Alexandra joined the likes of Elysium and Kaiserhof, but by June had started what was then known as the Great Micronational War with Etukan, resulting in a massive loss of standing and the full annexation of Orini. In August, Alexandra would meet Desslok, who led the August Uprising against Promatia. Several iterations of Orini would rise and fall during this time, this being the most unstable period of the Imperium's history.

The Middle Micronational Period: August 2019-May 2022

The middle micronational period was one full of controversy, largely caused by Desslok, who Alexandra wholeheartedly supported. Numerous conflicts occurred, ranging from the Eden incident and Nichensburg conflict to the LIN-USR conflict and the Ozark Crisis, but Cimbrun, as the Imperium's leading state was known during this time, reached the apex of its power diplomatically during this time. The Imperium was relatively coherent here, with only the Fall Reforms changing the state in any meaningful way. This period would end with the fall from grace of Desslok in May of 2022.

The Months of Sorrow: June 2022-November 2023

The Months of Sorrow were a time of extended depression and recovery in Alexandra's life, coinciding with a large break from micronationalism, that took place from June 2022 to November 2023. Several attempts were made to return to micronationalism during this period of time, however drama would cause Alexandra to leave once again. Alexandra formally returned in November of 2023 after discussions with Daniel Maloney and Connor Wilkie, who convinced Alexandra to return initially to spy on a few different nations but later caused her to return in her own right as Basileia of Nicaea.

The Present Day: November 2023-Present

In November 2023, Nicaea was effectively created as the state it is today, gaining political alliances with several nations including Ebenia, Pontunia, Mabruenia, Curnon, and Hokoria. In December of 2023, Connor Wilkie was booted from the state by Alexandra following accusations of conspiracy theories, MAGAism and transphobia, leading to an election that brought about the Maloney government. This government would see several bills passed, the expansion of state alliances through political "soft power", and the rise of anti-Faltrian sentiment in Nicaea.

Political Views

Alexandra is a monarcho-socialist, believing in a mixture of a monarchist form of governance with a socialist economic model. She believes in investing in the local community rather than a global presence. She is pro-marijuana, supports the LGBT community, and is pro-Palestinian, considering the Israeli state to be committing a genocide, though she doesn't condone Hamas' actions in the war either.

Personal life

Alexandra is an avid video game and anime fan. She is a video game collector and a retro tech enthusiast (especially regarding vintage computers and video game consoles). She is also the head dev of the Terra Nihil mod for Europa Universalis IV, which is partially about the alternate history she first created for a roleplay server.

Her favorite anime are Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica (her favorite Puella Magi, notably, is Sayaka Miki), and Attack on Titan. She is a practicing Hellenist, and Zeus, Thanatos, Poseidon, and Apollo are her patron deities - she worships Alexandros III Argeádai, known in general discourse as Alexander the Great, as a hero. She also ran, until she lost the password and eventually moved the character to a Discord server, a parody account on Twitter, @ParodySayaka, though she rarely made jokes (referred to in the scene as "banger tweets") or posted Photoshop edits, preferring instead to roleplay.

She is openly transgender and a lesbian. She has two dogs, a cat, and a goldfish as pets, and takes care of her mother.


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