Cultus of Avadonia

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An orange rose, the symbol of the Cultus of Avadonia.

The Cultus of Avadonia is a Hellenistic cultus of Zeus, considered heretical by mainstream Hellenist thought for its view that Allen Avadonia of the Evillious Chronicles' Daughter of Evil series, is considered a hero to be worshipped. It is practiced in the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun, and currently only has one follower.


In 2022, Alexandros I Irikladis rediscovered the Story of Evil. He was inspired by the story of the Servant of Evil, a loyal servant of Lucifenian princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche who killed his adoptive father and lover for the princess, who was actually his twin, and later swapped clothes with her and allowed her to escape from a mob of revolutionaries, and decided to ask r/hellenism on 21 May 2022 if it would upset the Theoi if he were to worship Allen as a hero due to his loyalty. Though an initial comment suggested that Allen could be revered as a hero of a god that showed the attributes Alexandros saw in Allen, the majority opinion was that Allen had no conscience and his worship would be fruitless as a fictional character. Alexandros decided to disregard this and create the Cultus of Avadonia.


At its core, the Cultus of Avadonia is an extension of Diadochist thought, which holds that the Hellenistic world should be loyal to the holder of the Diadochist mandate, and its mythology seeks to show the story of Allen as an example of the loyalty expected by the mandate holder.

The Cultus of Avadonia worships Zeus and believes that Allen Avadonia is a hero of Zeus. It believes in the story of the Daughter of Evil, and justifies Allen's actions throughout the story as teaching that loyalty to authority goes before all else.

Allen is worshipped by listening to the song Servant of Evil, in which he features prominently, as well as by offerings of orange and yellow roses (representing Allen and Riliane, respectively) and brioche (which was baked by Allen for Riliane, and later baked by Riliane in his memory.)