Irikladian League

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League of Independent Nations
Intermicronational organisation
Flag of the Irikladian League.svg

Official languages English, Greek


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Kyvernitis of the League Basileus Alexandros I Irikladis of Cimbrun
Foundation April 2022
Reformed May 18, 2022

The Irikladian League is an intermicronational organization designed to defend the Ozark Sector and the rest of the micronational world. It is a defensive pact, and its members have access to the Assembly and the Library and have the ability to call the other members into defensive wars or offensive wars that are considered to be justified by the league.


The Irikladian League was first created as a pseudo-nation to be ran alongside Cimbrun, at the time a Nexan province, but this soon proved infeasible. It was recreated as a defensive pact to defend the Ozarks after a talk with Titania Smith, a leader of the Multnomah People's Commune, a vassal of Cimbrun. The Enótita Convention was created, and all founding members has signed it.


Kyvernitis of the League

The Kyvernitis of the League is the leader of the league, their job is to make sure the League serves its purpose, to serve as leader of the Irikladian alliance should they fight a war, and to ensure there are no conflicts within the League, and if there are, to resolve them to the best of their ability.

Irikladian Assembly

The Irikladian Assembly is the assembly of the Irikladian League, responsible for democratic votes on issues brought to the League's attention. It is led by the Mediator General with the purpose of serving as part of a checks and balances system alongside the Kyvernitis and the High Court. The Mediator General leads sessions of the assembly (if they are unavailable, the assembly is led by the Kyvernitis for that session only) and makes sure the voices of the members are heard.

Intelligence Commission

The Intelligence Commission is responsible for coordinating the intelligence efforts of member states. Aid to nations in the League that cannot be defended due to distance may be provided by intelligence operations. The Intelligence Commission is led by a Commissioner, who delivers reports to be added to the Assembly's agenda to be read by members and coordinates the intelligence efforts of the League.


Full Members

Provisional Members