Kingdom of Istria

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Kingdom of Istria
Regatul Istrian
Kræle Eshtræne
National flag
of Kingdom of Istria
Coat of arms
Motto: "Angeli Nobiscum"
"May the angels be with us"
Anthem: "Ti, Ti Kræline"
Istria map.png
Official languages
Ethnic groups
  • 36.71% Romanian
  • 31.58% Italian
  • 9.51% Russian
  • 8.12% Serbians
  • 5.16% Slovakians
  • 4.91% Greeks
  • 4.01% Spanish
Istrian Reformed Church
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Maríe I
Petcu Adrian
LegislatureNational Assembly
• Founded (Kingdom of Istria)
17 August 1934
• Independence
27 July 2000
• Socialist Column of Istria
20 May 2001
• Founded (Democratic Republic)
7 September2005
• Founded (2nd Constitutional Monarchy)
23 May 2022
CurrencyIstrian Dinar
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideleft

The Kingdom of Istria, commonly refered to as Istria, is a self-declared de facto independent state with no international/UN recognition (it is de jure considered part of Romania) It is often referred to as a micronation. It was reestablished on 23 May 2022 with the approval of its original founder, the last president of the now-defunct Republic of Istria.


Kingdom of Istria (1935-1980)

The House of Istresky-Glucksburg-Oldenburg is the house formed by the first two royals to govern The Kingdom of Istria.This House is a derivative from the House of Glucksburg of Danmark. After the period of colony of the Region of Istria, it declared it s independence and let the two Glucksburg Monarchs to coninue governing, H.M.Queen Sara I and H.M.King Comp I.

The two had a daughter, named Maríe-Nina, that married a man named Dimitri-George. The two have been the Queen and King of the Kingdom before the Kingdom fall in 1980.

Imperialistic Period (1980-2000)

The Kingdom of Istria was conquered in the Dristorian-Istrian War and had a period of 20 years of beeing a province of The Dristorian Empire.

Communist Era (2000-2005)

Between 2000 and 2005 the Kingdom regained its independence after the fall of the Dristorian Empire as a Republic. The Republic of Garaj Istriei had a time of 5 years of communism after the people voted in their first elections with the Communist Party of Column. Ciprian Column was the first and last Socialist President of Republic of Istria.

Republican Era (2005-2022)

The Republic of Istria was declared on 7 September 2005, remaining to this day the official day of independence of Republic of Istria. The Republic chose its first president in December 2005 and had until now two presidents and three prime ministers.

Monarchy era (2022-present)

On 22 May 2022 negotiations between the last president of the now-defunct Republic of Istria and Hristo Tomov started for reestablishing Istria. The nation was reestablished on 23 May 2022.

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