Arcadia Empire

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The Arcadia Empire is one of the countries of micronations in Japan, founded on January 10, 2013.

Country name Holy Arcadia Empire



Official terminology Spanish and Japanese
population 73
Imperial City Martena
Political system Tyranny
emperor Arcadius I
Imperial government Marquis Francesco
Jose Valois de Martin
National anthem Noble Arcadia
Currency unit Imperial Sol
Offical Twitter


Polity. Tyranny.

Emperor. Arcadius I.

・ Cabinet. Francesco Cabinet.

Prime Minister. Francesco Valois de Martin.

state religion. Christian Catholic.

Separation of church and state.

There is a feudal system.


Arcadius I

Second Martin Cabinet.

Jose Valois de Martin, Prime Minister of the Fourth Reich.

Francis III Demartin Minister of Finance, Defense and Foreign Affairs.

Minister of Fine Arts Court. He is also the prime minister.

Interior Minister Miguel Angel Valois de Martin.

Political system

Arcadia Empire About the political system of our empire. (This page is not honorific)

Political system.

The Arcadia Empire is a constitutional monarchy and tyranny headed by a male hereditary emperor.

The Arcadia Empire is also a political and religious unity system with Christian Catholicism as the state religion.

The emperor has great power and widespread power and governs the Arcadia empire, the emperor is a constitutionally Catholic guardian,

Represented to be the Pope's agent, his body is considered sacred and inviolable. The emperor has the commanding authority of the armed forces.

Administrative and legislative powers belong to the emperor.

A cabinet has been set up in Japan as an administrative body to assist the emperor's rule.

All cabinet ministers are appointed by the emperor. The emperor is in charge of convening and presiding over the cabinet meeting.

The prime minister and minister are responsible to the emperor for his duties (emperor cabinet system)

The Supreme Court of the Empire has jurisdiction. The judge is appointed by the emperor.

Another institution is the Privy Council, an advisory body to the emperor.


Within the Japanese archipelago.

High Melia Province.

Roberto province.

Province of Sezaonia.

Izumiyama province.

Yuhua province.

Within the North American continent.

Francinian province.

Within South America.

Province of Pabronia.


Kingdom of Redonda in Arcadia. Personal union.

Marie Byrd Land. Emperor's personal territory.

History of the empire

History of the Arcadia Empire.

Before the establishment of Micronation.

In mid-2012, a 12-year-old Japanese Peruvian boy Alberto was studying his daily hobby, the countries of the world.

He discovers a country on the net called the Principality of Sealand, Alberto investigates it, and that country is called a micronation.

Knowing that, Alberto began to take an interest in micronations.

Creation of the Principality of Tanjia (Principality of Tanjia in the first half of the year)

On January 10, 2013, Albert and his younger brother (later the emperor's exclusive knight) Francesco founded the monarchy of the Principality of Tanjia.

Upon proclaiming, Alberto ruled the Principality in the name of Grand Duke Tanjia. This era is called the Grand Duke era.

Principality of Tanjia. The reign of Grand Duke Alberto.

Grand Duke Albert I of Tanjia first created the Grand Duke of the Guard as a standing army of the Principality and appointed his own younger brother as captain. Grand Duke soldiers are domestic

The main mission was the safety and escort of the Grand Duke. Later, Grand Duke Alberto designated his territory as one of his homes, and his country had a population of four.

I have decided. Grand Duke Alberto pledged allegiance to the emperor at that time.

The disappearance of the Principality of Tanjia and the abdication of the Grand Duke. (Establishment of the late Tanjia Empire)

A few months after the Principality of Tanjia was founded, Grand Duke Albert suddenly declared the abdication of the Principality, the abdication of the Grand Duke, and the fascist state Tanjia.

He declared the establishment of an empire and called himself President Onaga. (The reason for being an empire but a president is that Alberto himself was influenced by certain animations.

This era is called the Caudillo era.

Tanjia Empire era. The reign of President Onaga.

President Albert designated his country as a military dictatorship and carried out the dictatorship. In addition, the Grand Duke Army, which was a standing army during the Principality, was reorganized with the Imperial Army of Tanjia. President Alberto also enacted the Constitution of the Tanjia Empire. It was abolished in a few days by the president himself.

President Albert wants territory and is aiming for an open space nearby.

The establishment of the Arcadia Empire and the coronation of Alberto.

A few months after the Tangia Empire was founded, Alberto decided to create an ideal, political and religious country.

He chose the empire as the right country and decided to unite his own clans and relatives in order to build an ideal country and acquire his territory.

He taught his close relatives the idea of ​​an ideal country and gained support, and on January 5, 2014, the following year, the unification of his clan and relatives was completed.

A few days later, the establishment of the Empire, the Arcadia Empire, was declared on January 10, 2013, the National Foundation Day of the Principality of Tanjia.

Alberto became emperor as Arcadius I, and the Martin dynasty was born here.

Arcadius I is the name of the emperor given to him by his father.

The reign of Arcadius I, the emperor of the Arcadius Empire.

As an emperor, Arcadius first enacted a constitution and built a modern national system. But this constitution has the power of the prime minister,

It was a democratic constitution, and parliament consisted of members elected by the people. Arcadius at the time I knew I was still a monarchist

He wasn't there. Arcadius I established the Defense Force (later the Order of the Empire) as a standing army of the Empire and commanded that army.

He also made himself a Christian Catholic state religion, the religion of his clan, and himself a Catholic guardian, the Pope.

He claimed to be his agent and swore allegiance to the Pope. He also drafted various religious bills based on his own beliefs and was approved by Parliament.

And from around 2015, Arcadius I established diplomatic relations with foreign micronation countries and appealed for his existence.

And he experienced many wars, leading to victory and trying to improve the international status of the empire. And at the end of 2015, Arcadius I

He hates the democratic elements of his constitution and makes his first constitutional amendment to strengthen the power of his empire. From this time on, the emperor became a monarchist

be careful. First, the emperor drastically reduced the power of the prime minister and seized the power to appoint and dismiss civilians. He also elected the civilian parliamentary system that makes up the parliament.

Changing to a parliamentary system, the emperor has the right to appoint and dismiss parliamentarians, convene and dissolve parliament, approve and reject bills, and the emperor

Imperial family

Jose Valois de Martin. President of the Cabinet. Minister of Fine Arts. Minister of the court, adviser of the Privy Council. The fourth prime minister of the empire, the aristocrat.

Francesco Baroa de Martin. Minister of the Cabinet. Minister of Defense. Minister of Finance. Minister of Foreign Affairs. The emperor's exclusive knight.

Veronica Orco. Aristocrat.

Miguel Angel Valois De Martin. Minister of the Cabinet, Minister of the Interior. Lieutenant Governor of Frantina.

Francis I Demartin. Governor of the province. Patriarch Martin.