Kadas Treaty Organization

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Kadas Treaty Organization

Organization flag of the Dreamlands Convention Council

location Japan micronations
Headquarters of the organization Milky Way Galaxy Empire, the Imperial City of Kadas
member nation Milky Way Galaxy Empire,Galactic Republic of Leor,Laniakea Heavenly Country,Republic of South Permira
institution New Seigai Declaration
Date of establishment September 1, 2021
idea Emperor of Sun establishes certain definitions of space micronationalism (including declaration of star / galaxy territorial claims and astronomical real estate and satellite territory), Wakoku Federation maintenance of unique space territory Establishment of economic, security, and peaceful rules, etc.

This treaty council was founded by the cosmic micronations of the four countries of Wakoku Federation claiming Asgardia as a precedent. The organization is active on Twitter and is currently working to provide a clear definition and territorial maintenance for the ambiguous cosmic territorial claims.

New Seigai Declaration

In order to permanently maintain the security and stability of the galactic nation, the former four states of the Milky Way Star System Coalition will be reorganized and a new Cadas Treaty will be born! It will be transformed into a safer and more stable community!

References to the accession of other micronations

The Kadas Convention Council does not allow access to other micronations. This is based on statistics that the chief is the Emperor of Sun, so adding other countries will hinder the establishment of the definition of space micronation.

Definition of cosmic micronations

The Cadas Treaty is currently discussing Asgardia and Extraterrestrial Real Estate as the definition of the above-mentioned micronation of the universe.