Union of Billow Soviet Socialist Republics

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Nation name Union of Billow Soviet Socialist Republics
Nation flag


Head of State Ronald Schumacher
population 7
Founding year 2021
capital city Pluto
System socialism
Official terminology Portuguese, Japanese, English
National anthem National The fatherland is for us, Gunkan March
National army Billow Knights

Billow Soviet Union Army

The Principality of Billow is a micronation that became independent from Japan on January 1, 2022.This country is the territory of Pluto and the head of state's own office.It is also a constitutional monarchy with the head of state as the monarch.Then, in February, the socialist revolution occurred and the name of the country was changed. [1]

Billow Peace Declaration

Billow always seeks international peace in good faith and shall make every effort to achieve it.

Article 1 In the event of a dispute between other micronations, Billow will provide peaceful means and coordination in accordance with international law necessary to maintain peace.

Article 2 In the event of a threat that threatens the peace and stability of Billow and its allies, the minimum necessary force shall be exercised in accordance with international law and this Declaration, and the threat shall be eliminated.


The government is a combination of socialism and direct democracy.