Mindanao sector

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Mindanao sector
قطاع مينداناو (Arabic)
General information
LocatedMindanao Island
Sector founded21 May 2023
Sector founded byArlandica
Nations in area
Notable people in areaGenesis Martinez
Jerold Garte
Justin Pandio
Sidney Utod
Vince Jugado

Mindanao sector (Arabic: Qitae Mindanaw; Cebuano: Sektor sa Mindanao; Filipino: Sektor ng Mindanao) is a term used to categorize micronations that are bounded by and located within the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. This term was first coined by the Kingdom of Arlandica in May 2023. However, micronations started emerging on the island around 2015, and there are also micronations based outside the island that have established colonies in Mindanao.


The term "Mindanao Sector" was created in mid-2023 by the lawmakers of the Council of Arlandica. It straightforwardly refers to the sector within the Philippine micronational community that encompasses the island of Mindanao. This term shall apply to micronations whose main or integral territories are fully or partially located in Mindanao and its nearby islands.


It is still undetermined which micronation was the first in Mindanao. However, Vilasia, Sabah and Mindanao SSR (Sunda Raya), and Curimae are among the micronations that emerged between 2010 and 2015.

In 2018, the most prominent micronation in Mindanao was Fidelis, led by Prince-Elector Rameses Casten. It was described as a political advanced micronation. Fidelis gained recognition from foreign micronations in that year; however, the micronation subsequently transferred its administration to Manila.

Since that year, the number of micronations in Mindanao has been on the decline due to unpleasant events. This decline includes the dissolutions of Mindanao DSPR, Sunda Raya, and Fidelis.

There is currently no official term to classify micronations in Mindanao. However, in 2023, Arlandican government declared the usage of the term "Mindanao sector" to refer the existing micronations in Mindanao.


Flag Official name Head of state Head of government Capital Foundation Location in Mindanao
Kingdom of Arlandica King Jerold I Prime Minister Benz Arellano Santo Niño City 20 April 2020 Davao City
Davao Del Norte
Kingdom of Curimae King Bonifacius Adrianus I Prime Minister Genesis Martinez New Curimae City 16 October 2004 Agusan Del Sur
Al-Faghira Emirates Emir Sidney TBD Husseinia
15 May 2023 Basilan
Razorite State Captain MJ Vacant Ziberland 11 May 2021 Davao del Norte
General Santos City
Empire of Vilasia Emperor Vince Emperor is in charge for this position Vierdiña City 2 August 2015 Davao City

Former micronations

Micronations with dependencies or colonies in Mindanao


Flag of ATO

Accande Terrie Ornindo currently has one member state and one observer state from this sector, namely Vilasia and Curimae, respectively. The organization previously included Arlandica as a member state, but it eventually decided to withdraw its membership.


  1. Yellow Barrow is an integral part of Curimae, not a colony.
  2. The Democratic Socialist People's Republic of Mindanao, abbreviated as Mindanao DSPR, was a micronation situated solely in Mindanao, with a presence in North America. It maintained its activity primarily on Facebook. Mindanao DSPR should not be confused with Sunda Raya's Sabah and Mindanao SSR.