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The Accande Terrie Ornindo is an International organization that consists of sixteen micronations from the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Colombia, South Korea and Mexico. The organization's headquarters is located in the City of Legue, Balzi since it's foundation and the declaration of the Charter. It is Asia's most largest InterMicronational Community. The Accande Terrie Ornindo has a three governing bodies, such as the General Assembly, the International court of the Accande Terrie Ornindo and the Secretariat. Recently, during the Second General Assembly Session in January 7, 2022, Countries agreed to dissolve the Security Council of the Accande Terrie Ornindo with the Super-Majority Vote.

Accande Terrie Ornindo
The Accande Terrie Ornindo Organization Flag, designed by Nathan Arguelles
FoundedSeptember 18, 2020
TypeInterMicronational Organization
Legal statusActive
HeadquartersLegue City, Balzi
Membership (2023)
Official languages
Filipino and English
Secretary General
Carl Miguel Salgado Victa
Deputy Secretary-General
Heart Angelo Condesa
President of the General Assembly
Anthony Morales Slater Fitzgerald
Main organ
  • General Assembly
  • Secretariat
  • International Court

The organization was founded back in September 18, 2020 by the Four Founding Countries: Balzi, Blazetopia, Nanosium and Kratosia. The headquarters of the Accande Terrie Ornindo and it's Main Organs are located in Legue City. The main purpose of the Organization is to Unify Micronations into a progressive and stable countries, to provide help and support to it's Member-States and embrace working policies and professionalism, insuring peace within the Countries. Before the Accande Terrie Ornindo was established, It is an Group of Alliance between Balzi, Blazetopia, Nanosium and Otto-Grik (Now: Balzian Kratosia) named as NanoZiTopia-Grik. The four countries decided to dissolve the NanoZiTopia-Grik and establish a new organization called the Accande Terrie Ornindo in September 18, 2020. During that time, the Accande Terrie Ornindo and their Membership was only based on the Philippine Islands and later on become an International organization due to the conflict.


Establishment of ATO

The first and former flag of the Accande Terrie Ornindo based on the Philippine Islands, designed by Nathan Arguelles

The history of the Accande Terrie Ornindo begans when Balzi, Blazetopia, Nanosium and Otto-Grik (Now: Kratosia) established an Alliance called the NanoZiTopia-Grik and later on, the countries within the Alliance decided to abolish it and establish a mother organization called the Accande Terrie Ornindo. The establishment in September 18, 2020 was led by the President of Balzi, Carl Miguel Salgado Victa, which he also became as the first Secretary-General of the Accande Terrie Ornindo. While the rest of the Founding fathers, Jhurysse Magtoto also become as the First Deputy Secretary-General of Accande Terrie Ornindo, and Nathan Arguelles become as the chairman of the organization. James Angelo Nones remained as the Member and Delegation from the Otto-grik.

Before the Accande Terrie Ornindo became an InterMicronational Organization, it was only a regional organization based only for the micronations in the Philippine Islands. Due to the political rivalry with the Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands (AMPI), the Organization decided to be an InterMicronational Organization, hoping to avoid any Political rivalry with the regional-based organization.

Early Days of ATO

The Map of the Early Accande Terrie Ornindo, made by Jhurysse Magtoto

Following its establishment, the organization gained more members named Arland (Now: Arlandica), Vilasia, Samilla and Peyossia. The three countries were quickly recruited into the Organization, and this is when the Accande Terrie Ornindo started to grow.

The countries illustrated on the poster are: Arland (Now: Arlandica), Vilasia, Blazetopia, EstaGrik (Now: Kratosia), Okasakawa, Nanosium, Peyossia, Samilla, Balzi and UKE.

Despite of the difficulties during that time, the Accande Terrie Ornindo Countries remained strong because they were united.

Former and Current Member-states

Micronation Date Joined Date Left Founding Member
Repubic of Balzi 18 September 2020 Yes
Republic of Blazetopia 18 September 2020 22 January 2022 Yes
Kratosia (as Otto-Grik) 18 September 2020 Yes
Democratic Socialist People's Republic of Monzen 3 January 2023
Grand Republic of Nanosium 18 September 2020 12 January 2021 Yes
Kingdom of Samilla October 2020 12 January 2021 Yes
Union of Aksist Fidrecia States 18 September 2020 1 April 2021 Yes
Arlandica Kingdom of Arlandica 10 October 2020 26 February 2021 Yes
Empire of Vilasia October 2020 27 February 2021
Democratic People's Central Independent Commonwealth Republic of Lémarita 6 December 2020 6 July 2022
Federation of Okasakawa 8 December 2020 19 December 2020
Kingdom of Bogderia 3 Jan 2023
Republic of Cosloin 3 Jan 2023
Republic of Irandel 3 Jan 2023
Republic of South Kingstopium 3 Jan 2023
Southern Confederation of Angosvria Dec 2020 Dec 2020
Republic of Vironesia 3 Jan 2023
Kingdom of Hesminia 3 Jan 2023 23 Dec 2023
Commonwealth Empire of Wakoku 28 Jan 2023
Royal Kingdom of Curimae 3 Jan 2023
Republic of Victor 4 Feb 2023
Federal Republic Of Vista March 26 2023
Imperial Kingdom Of Zhao August 25 2023
Republic of Philip August 25 2023
United Kingdom Of Great Ravenia

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|+Accande Terrie Ornindo Session in 2023 !Session !Date !Attendance !Timestamp (PST) |- |1st |January 3, 2023 |Present: 6 Absent: 4 |4:00 PM to 6:42 PM |- |2nd |January 7, 2023 |Present: 7 Absent: 4 |3:00 PM to 4:45 PM |- |3rd |January 14, 2023 |Present: 8 Absent: 2 |3:00 PM to 7:00 PM |- |4th |January 21, 2023 |Present: 5 Absent: 5 |3:00 PM to 5:00 PM |- |5th |January 28, 2023 |Present: 7 Absent: 3 |3:00 PM to 4:40 PM |- |6th |February 5, 2023 |Present: 8 Absent: 3 |3:00 PM to 6:00 PM |- |7th |February 12, 2023 |Present: 10 Absent: 6 |4:30 PM to 7:10 |- | | | | |}