Empire of Magnaterra

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Empire of Magnaterra
Imperium Magnaterrae
Flag of Magnaterra
Coat of arms of Magnaterra
Coat of arms
Motto: "Magnaterra Aeterna"
"Eternal Magnaterra"
Anthem: God Save Magnaterra
Royal anthem: Imperial Hymn
Great Seal of Magnaterra
CapitalAeterna City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emperor
H.I.&R.M., Hendrick I, Emperor of Magnaterra
• Lord High Steward
H.R.H., Prince Johann of Magnaterra
• Lord High Chancellor
His Grace, Duke Kaiser of Magnaterra
LegislatureImperial Diet
• Established
10 May 2021
• Basic Law ratified
25 December 2021
• Fundamental Law ratified
15 January 2024
• Census
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Empire of Magnaterra also known as the Magnaterran Empire or more commonly known as Magnaterra is a self-declared Nation or Micronation[1] in Southeast Asia. It operates within a self-declared extraterritorial property located in the Philippine Islands. It was founded on 10 May 2021 by Emperor Hendrick I. It has a Discord Server.[2] Its government is Unitary Absolute Monarchy.


The name Magnaterra was made from two separate words. The first half of the word, “Magna”, is the Latin translation of the word “Great”. The latter half, “Terra”, is a Latin word meaning “land” or “territory”.


Before the Empire’s creation, Hendrick had the dream to declare a nation he could call his own. His dream would eventually be fulfilled when he founded the Magnaterran Empire on 10 May 2021, with Johann. The first constitution of the empire known as the Basic Law of the Empire of Magnaterra was ratified on 25 December 2021 and on 15 January 2024 a new constitution known as the Fundamental Law of the Empire of Magnaterra was ratified.

Government and politics

The Magnaterran Empire has a Monarchical government. The emperor acts as the head of government and assigns roles such as Lord High Steward, Lord High Chancellor and Lords/Ladies of the Imperial Diet. However, when someone with a very important role is only temporarily away, a temporary replacement that’s usually the roles mentioned or a Noble will temporarily take their place.

Law and order

The main source of law in Magnaterra is primary legislation, which takes the form of the Empire's Fundamental Law[3], its subsequent amendments, Acts of the Imperial Diet and Imperial Statutes issued by the Emperor. The empire also follows the laws of its home country the Philippines.

These laws are enforced by the Emperor, his officers, deputies and nobles.

When a subject of Magnaterra breaks a law he/she shall be put to trial. A decision of a court can be appealed to the Imperial Diet because the Imperial Diet acts as the court of last resort in Magnaterra.

Foreign relations

The Empire currently recognizes all known micronations. There are also some nations that recognize the Magnaterran Empire. But other than recognition, there are no known foreign relations.


The Magnaterran Empire Discord Server is the empire’s main land. It composes of the capital city, Aeterna City. It also composes of its Imperial Diet, and Imperial Palace.


The simple population count held by the people of Magnaterra shows that the people of Magnaterra mostly consist of the following in their respective categories.


The official religion in the Magnaterran Empire is Catholicism. Even though the official religion is Catholicism, the Magnaterran Empire has freedom of religion.

Culture and media

The Magnaterran Culture has a lot of influence from European, and Asian culture.


The people of Magnaterra value morality, happiness, order, and innocence and is against every form of evil known by the empire. Furthermore, war is only a last resort only held by the Emperor and can’t be made by any other person.


Any form of media is allowed as long as it doesn’t break laws. Therefore, any type of pornography, NSFW, and immorality is not allowed. The Magnaterran Empire has an official YouTube channel known as “The Empire of Magnaterra”.[4]