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Imperial State of Zhao
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Kabayanihan, Karapatan, Kalayaan: Aming Batayan, Aming Kinabukasan."
"Heroism, Rights, Freedom: Our Foundation, Our Future."
Anthem: "Aming Kinabukasan"
LocationNCR, Philippines.
CapitalCity Of Oranbon
Ethnic groups
  • 100% Filipino
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emperor
Jov Manabo
• Prime Minister
Jay Sean Montano
ate the Philippines
• Founded
August 31 2018
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyZhao Dollar
Time zoneUTC+8 (PhT)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+63

Qinzao or Zhao, Formerly Gelaisha, formally recognized as the Imperial State of Zhao, is a substantial micronation spanning the Philippine islands and certain foreign territories. Since August 25, 2023, it has been a proud member of the Accande Terrie Ornindo.

Zhao's monarchy is an Absolute Monarchy led by the esteemed Emperor or Empress. In this system, the monarch holds supreme authority, governing over all aspects of the nation, including lawmaking, justice administration, foreign affairs, and resource management. While offering stability, this concentration of power also raises concerns about accountability and individual rights. The monarchy's evolution over time will shape its relationship with citizens and the nation's future.


The Imperial State of Zhao, formerly Gelaisha, traces its history to its establishment on August 31, 2018. Two weeks after its formation, the kingdom faced a significant test when it was attacked by Burstia, resulting in the Luis War. This early conflict marked the nation's resilience and determination.

In 2020, Zhao found itself embroiled in a virtual war with Yachtistan. The conflict was fierce, with Yachtistan gaining the upper hand. However, shortly thereafter, an alliance formed between Yachtistan and another nation, Merkistan, which boasted greater strength. In the face of this formidable alliance, Zhao made the difficult decision to surrender, agreeing to yield half of its territory.

The year 2021 witnessed a pivotal turn of events. Zhao, determined to regain its lost territory, launched an offensive against Merkistan. Through strategic planning and the resilience of its citizens, Zhao managed to retake its territory and reestablish its sovereignty.

These historical events not only reflect Zhao's unwavering commitment to its sovereignty but also highlight the nation's ability to adapt, persevere, and defend its interests in the face of challenges and adversity.

Our Goal

The Imperial State of Zhao is dedicated to the pursuit of peace and diplomacy, not only within the Philippines but also on a global scale. Our primary objective is to foster peaceful relations and cooperation among micronations within the Philippines, and extend our efforts to promote harmony and understanding throughout the world. Through constructive dialogue, collaboration, and a commitment to resolving conflicts peacefully, we aspire to contribute to a more peaceful and interconnected global community.

International Relations

Zhao maintains an active and constructive diplomatic relationship with the following nations.

1. United States Of Vethony

2. Republic Of Balzi

3. Republic Of Philip

4. Kingdom Of Curimae


The following list is the current Prefectures of Zhao.

1. Xiayang (Imperial Capital)

2. Handē-Xi

3. Kyoxi

4. Rokoū

5. Zei-Zhao

6. Kou-Zhao

7. Wumēn-Yan

8. Büwei-Xi

9. He-Xiyan

10. Gou-men


Zhao's culture is a vibrant tapestry shaped by diverse influences, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Yakan, and German traditions. Our multicultural heritage fosters inclusivity and unity among citizens. Officially, we speak English, Chinese, Japanese, Yakan, and German, reflecting our international character. Through art, celebrations, and respect for tradition, we celebrate our rich cultural diversity and engage in global cultural exchange to promote understanding and cooperation.


Tourism in the Imperial State of Zhao is an intimate experience, with approximately 2-6 visitors each month. Zhao's allure lies in its unspoiled natural beauty, cultural authenticity, and serene ambiance. Visitors have the chance to explore our multicultural society, discover breathtaking natural landscapes, and partake in cultural festivities.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures the preservation of our pristine environment, guaranteeing that future generations can also relish the tranquility and authenticity Zhao offers. For those seeking a serene and genuine escape from the ordinary, Zhao promises an exclusive and memorable destination.


The economy of the state is currently valued at approximately $5 USD. However, with strategic initiatives and ongoing development plans, we anticipate significant growth, aiming to reach $170 USD by the end of the year. This ambitious endeavor reflects our commitment to economic progress and prosperity for our citizens.