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The Royal Kingdom of Curimae
Ang Maharlika nga Ginharian kang Kurimeyo


Fortitudo mea et robur meum (English: My hope and my strength)
The Patriotic
Panay and Mindanao Islands, Philippines
Capital cityNew Curimae City
Largest cityNew Curimae City
Official language(s)English, Filipino, Kinaray-a
Official religion(s)Roman Catholic, Protestantism
Short nameCurimae
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy Parliamentary Government
- KingBonifacius Adrianus I
- Prime MinisterG. Martinez
- Deputy Prime MinisterZ.P. Pida
LegislatureHouse of Curimae Land
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5 - 7
- Last election - 18 May 2018
Established16 October 2004
Area claimed62km²
CurrencyCurimana (CUR)
Time zoneUTC +8
National sportBamboo Stick Base Game
National animalCarabao
Patron saintSt. Clement the pope
no affiliation


Curimae, (Filipino: Kurimeyo), officially the The Royal Kingdom of Curimae (Filipino: Ang Maharlikang Kaharian ng Kurimeyo), (Kinaray-a: Ang Maharlika nga Ginharian kang Kurimeyo), (Cebuano: Ang Datuang Gingharian Ug Kurimeyo) as of 2 April 2018, is a political simulation entity known as micronation that is located in the Philippines with influences in Panay and Mindanao Islands. It uses Constitutional Monarchy as its type of government located and the central government operates in the Municipality of Anini-y, Antique, Philippines. The micronation was founded by B. Segunla on 16 October 2004 in an attempt to imititate the government of the Philippines. The micronation is a personal project with no ambition or aim to secede or rebel against the Republic of the Philippines. The micronation is composed of 5 duchies, namely: Duchy of San Francisco, Duchy of Nasog Point, Duchy of Bukang-Liwayway, Duchy of Maria Magdalena, and Duchy of Leposca. The capital city and the seat of the government is in New Curimae City situated in the Duchy of San Francisco.

Politically, Curimae was a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary System of government. King Bonifacius Adrianus I is the current monarch and serving in the the government are Kyle Barasi as Prime Minister and Z.P. Pida as Deputy Prime Minister.

Curimae is a micronation blessed by diverse culture and ecology and had been a strongman micronation in the philippines for the past years. Its friction with its fellow Filipino micronations made it one of the best micronations to behold.

It was a former member of Micronational Association of Southeast Asia (MASA) with an observer status and Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands (AMPI). Its assertive approach towards change was commented by Mart Siapno (former chairman of MASA) as inappropriate and hilarious. Despite such commentaries, Curimae will still continue its assertiveness towards change.


The name "Curimae" is the pseudo-anglicized name of "Kurimaw"- a Filipino word for ugly and cheap monster.

A lot of people misheard "Curimae" for "Kurimaw" which actually shares the same meaning in macronational aspect. In micronational aspect; they do not share the same meaning.


B. Segunla c.2016
King Bonifacius Adrianus I c.2018

Since its establishment as Dictarorial Republic in 2004, Curimae had experienced events that form Curimae to its current form. It started as a personal project and as a political and religous sacerdotal simulationism. The First Republic of Curimae was established when President B. Segunla issued Presidential Decree No. 1, a decree that made way for the creation of the First Constitution of Curimae. Subsequent decrees established the Parliament, the Ministry, the National Council, the Consitutional Commissions, the Judicial Representative Council and other vital offices of the micronation.

President B. Segunla introduced social media in Curimae to further spread its influence in the microspehere. The first now defunct website named was launched in late 2016. Another social media portal was also introduced in facebook initially named as Republic of Curimae but later changed to Kingdom of Curimae due to change of government system. The current website is which was launched May 3, 2018.

PM A.J. Aquino is the first Prime Minister of Curimae. His name also bears as signatory to the First Constitution of Curimae. He was followed by PM J.J. Diana who served for only 7 days and resigned. PM Z.P. Pida was appointed as replacement until 15 May 2017. The gentleman from Mindanao, PM G. Martinez served from 15 May 2017 until 15 January 2018. He was the current longest serving head of government. PM A. Dheer, an Indian nationality and a man with vision, was appointed after PM Martinez. He introduced massive reforms in the micronation and accelerated devlopments all through out its influences. He was nicknamed as "the Man with Colored Vision". Following series of long gaps in inactivity, former President B. Segunla now King Bonifacius Adrianus I, declared Martial Law and converted the government of Curimae into a Constitutional Monarchy emplyong Parliamentary System of Governance. PM G. Martinez was re-appointed as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Curimae under the reign of King Bonifacius Adrianus I. Prime Minister G. Martinez resigned and was replaced by the current Prime Minister Kyle Barasi - a former Secretary of the State and Administrator of the Royal Affairs Council.

Curimae was former member of Micronational Association of Southeast Asia (MASA) and Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands (AMPI).

Politics and Government

Curimae was a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary government with 5 duchies and a city, New Curimae City. Constitution of Curimae was ratified in May 2018 and includes a liberal and loose provisions on political systems, citizens rights, and economy. The King is the head of state and and the Prime Minister as the head of government. The King is also the commander-in-chief of the Royal Defense Forces of Curimae.

The state powers are vested in the Monarch. The highest office of the state is the Office of Royal Affairs which serves as an intermediary and liaising office between the Monarch and the government. The Secretary of the State serves as the Office of the Royal Affairs. Duties such as the administration of the local government, the foreign affairs, the defense and elections are assigned to this office. This is the list of state offices:

  • Secretary of the State
  • Treasurer of the State
  • Chief of Staff of the Royal Defense Forces of Curimae

Formerly. the state offices include the Auditor of the State but the need for such was obsolete and "unneccesary" as quoted by the King.

The legislative powers are vested in the Monarch through Royal Decrees and the Parliament through Parliament Acts. The rule is simple, Parliament Acts cannot override Royal Decrees unless provided in the Constitution. The King also has a special power called absoluta virtute wherein he can absorb all the powers in the government except the dissolution or amendment of the Constitution. The House of Curimae Land is the legislative office of the government composed of 5 to 7 seats. These seats are occupied by Ministers which are the Representatives of each duchies. The 20% of the total number of the Duchy Representatives shall be alloted to the Partylist Representatives as stated in the 2018 Constitution. Formerly, the House of Curimae Land is purely composed of Representatives from each district and the now defunct House Speaker moderates the day to day activities. In the present Constitution, the Prime Minister is the moderator of the Parliament.

The executive powers are vested in the Prime Minister and his cabinet. They are accountable to the Parliament. The Prime Minister executes the law and implement it for the stability of the government. His office and cabinet hatches plans and if approved, materializes it as part or as a whole. This is the list of Prime Ministers of Curimae since October 16, 2016:

  • PM A.J. Aquino (First Prime Minister) (Oct. 25, 2016 - Jan. 15, 2017)
  • PM J.J. Diana (Second Prime Minister) (Jan. 15, 2017 - Jan. 21, 2017)
  • PM Z.P. Pida (Third Prime Minister) (Jan. 21, 2017 - May 15, 2017)
  • PM G. Martinez (Fourth Prime Minister) (May 15, 2017 - Jan 15, 2018)
  • PM A. Dheer (Fifth Prime Minister) (Jan. 15, 2018 - Jun. 25, 2018)
  • PM G. Martinez (Sixth Prime Minister as second appointment) (Jun. 25, 2018 - Aug. 25, 2018)
  • PM K. Barasi (Seventh Prime Minister)(Aug. 25, 2018 – June 9, 2019)
  • PM G. Martinez (Eight Prime Minister as third appointment) (June 9, 2019 - Present)

Also, during the period between the administration of PM Martinez and PM Dheer, former President B. Segunla was the Prime Minister making him the First President-Prime Minister of the Republic of Curimae for a short time. Prime Ministers were appointed by the President during the time of republic and currently by the Monarch.

This is the list of cabinet minister offices as mandated by the 2018 Constitution:

  • Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
  • Minister of Education and Information Technology
  • Minister of Interior, Tourism and Commerce

Other minister offices maybe created by law provided such law is consistent with the provisions of the Constitution.

The judicial powers are vested in the Monarch itself. The Office of the Royal Court collects the data for the King to study and advice his majesty of legislation that maybe useful for the court proceedings. Nevertheless, its the King who gives the final verdict.

The now defunct Constitutional Commissions were the embodiment of the Constitution. The Constitutional Commissions were independent offices of the government specifically functions as prescribed by the Constitution. The Commission on Constitution was the office in-charge of protecting the sanctity of the Constitution. No person can amend, modify or dissolve the Constitution without their approval. These were the list of the defunct Constitutional Commissions:

  • Commission on Constitution (In-charge of protecting the Constitution)
  • Commission on Elections (In-charge of electoral process)
  • Commission on Appointments (In-charge of approval of appointment to non-elective positions)
  • Commission on Human Rights (In-charge of watching human rights abuses in the micronation)
  • Commission on National Identity (In-charge of safeguarding the national identities of the micronation such as flags, symbols and seals)
  • Commission on Micronational Language (In-charge of developing and institutionalizing the Micronational Language of Curimae)

Due to too much work load on these offices, the Constitution was amended for the purpose of ease. These offices were not already included in the 2018 Constitution of Curimae.

Local Government Units

Curimae is a politically diverse micronation. As dictated by the Constitution, Curimae shall be composed of 5 duchies that shall be the local government of the micronation to better address the needs of the citizens. The Monarch has the duty to ensure that services of reach the local government units. The capital city is New Curimae City which is geographically located in the Duchy of San Francisco but is politically separated from it. The King appoints the Mayor of New Curimae City.

Curimae is composed of 5 duchies and a city. These are the Duchy of San Francisco, Duchy of Nasog Point, Duchy of Bukang-Liwayway, Duchy of Maria Magdalena, Duchy of Leposca and the city of New Curimae. Each duchy is administered by a Duchy Representative and the city is administered by the Mayor.

Foreign relations

Curimae executes a free, active, and non-interventionist policy on its foreign affairs, means that Curimae shall be active in all intermicronational activities, its exisence should not to be threatened by another nation, and it cannot involved in any foreign countries internal affairs.

The first nation where Curimae conducted diplomacy with was to Independent State of Kaleido in December 2016, made the country the first to recognize Curimae as a sovereign micronation. Both parties signed the Treaty of Mutual Recognition. In January 2017, President B. Segunla nullified the treaty through a presidential decree due to Segunla-Siapno Rift that caused a scar in Philippine Micronationalism. Foreign relations were also established in the Grand Duchy of Nesti, Republic of Lipelistan, DeWaco Estates, and the defunct Kingdom of Adrina.

Curimae was a former member of Micronational Association of Southeast Asia in the early 2017 with an observer status during the Chairmanship of M. Siapno which ended shortly after some disagreement of principles. Curimae was also a member of Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands but later backed-out due to difference in ideology and probably some personal matters involved.

A rift between Curimae and Fidelis escalated dramatically during the third quarter of 2018 due to the harsh and dictatorial approach of R. Casten -the self-proclaimed leader of the Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis and "the Gossiper" as labeled by a local micronational leader. As quoted by Prime Minister Barasi, Curimae shall not waiver against an enemy who live in its discriminatory and anti-humanity policies.

Curimae, under the Barasi Administration, shall impose non-acceptance of mutual agreement and treaties but continue to foster its membership in ICAN (intermicronational Congress) led by its Speaker William Huffines of the Kingdom of Liliput.

Currently, the Kingdom of Curimae, through King Bonifacius Adrianus I, rejoined AMPI - a Philippines-based association of micronations. The King informed the Curimean Government about his intentions to seek peace in the Philippines Micronationalism and unite with its fellow micronationalists in the region. The Parliament is currently on its process to look unto the proposal of the monarch. The King also reiterated that if no decision is made prior the month of September, his majesty will not hesitate to issue an "absoluta virtute" all over the Curimean Influence.

State and Government Offices and Agencies

State Offices and Agencies Office of the Royal Affairs, Office of the Secretary of the State, Office of the Treasurer of the State, Office of the Chief of Staff, Office of the Media Relations, and the Royal Bank of Curimae.

Government Offices and Agencies Office of the Prime Minister, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Office of the Minister of Education and Information Technology, Office of the Minister of Interior, Office of the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Environmental Protection Agency, Inter-agency for Micronational Security, and the Radio Royal, Inc.

Geography and Climate

Nasog Point viewed from East

Curimae encompasses the macronational Anini-y, Antique, Philippines and a land-locked piece of land in San Francisco del Sur, Agusan del Sur, Philippines. The micronation is mountaneous and hilly. Rivers and creeks flow from this land ridges that serves as the life-line of the micronation. Sulu Sea borders the micronation from its Southeast to West. Nasog Point, commonly known as Cresta de Gallo is the highest point of the micronation. The River of Nasuli is the longest river system in the micronation.

Curimae has a wet and dry season and its tropical climate makes the average temperature in Curimae is about 28 °C to 40 °C. The cold months starts from September and ends through February due to the Northeast Monsoon which comes from the Japanese and Russian regions. The warm months start from March and end through May. Rainy season starts from May to August due to the presence of Southwest monsoon which originates from Indian Ocean - the source of Monsoons.


1 Curimana Banknote 2018 series

The 2018 Constitution of Curimae emphasizes the economic freedom and development in the micronation. The freedom of trade and movement as the fundamental aspect of commerce were also ensured.

Curimae Land Essentials, the conglomerate company in Curimae

Curimana is the official currency of Curimae since 2017. The Philippine Peso maybe used in conjuction with Curimana but subject to current laws. Curimana Banknotes series 2017 was in circulation but later de-valued and later replace by the more secured and presentable 2018 series.

Curimae Land Essentials is a state-owned company that operates in Curimae. It was established in December 12, 2017. Company products includes herbal soaps and liquid dishwashing soaps which already out in the market and enjoyed by its consumers. On June 13, 2018, the state-owned corporation Curimae Land Essentials was renamed into Curimae Soapworks. The idea was introduced by its CEO Vicente Mijares in a move to revolutionize the soaping industry of the corporation.

The Ministry of Finance reported that the government had earned around Php 5,000.00 for the first three quarters of 2018 from the operation of Curimae Soapworks. The Ministry incharge of commerce is currently working on finding other means to generate more income and accelerate economic development in the micronation.

The Ministry of Finance is planning to mass produce the Curimana Banknotes by the Second Quarter of 2018. A plan to create a coinage system was also introduced by the Ministry during the cabinet meeting last October 2018.

On 2 November 2018, the Ministry of Finance established the foundations of Curimae Finance Corporation - a corpoaration dedicated to lend money to those Curimean citizens who wants to establish their own businesses. The Ministry is currently studying the plan to extend the lending to external institutions. The CFC will focus mainly on the funding of food businesses, environmental protection entities and education institutions.

On 4 November 2018, 2 days after the establishment of CFC, the First Light Food Corporation was established. It aims to establish and manage food business in the micronation. Through the funding of Curimean Finance Corporation, the FLFC will be a driving force towards food sustainability and securing of local jobs.


Curimean culture developed and influenced mainly from Filipino Culture where members originated from. Influences from European, Indian, Arabic, and Chinese sources also exist and enriched the cultural aspects of Curimae.

St. Theresa of Avila, Macronational Patron Saint

Curimean symbols recognised by constitution consists of Flag of Curimae, Seal of Curimae and Micronational Anthem (The Patriotic). Other cultural aspects associated with Curimean customs has been recognised as micronational symbols, such as capital city of New Curimae, official language of Filipino, Carabao as micronational animal and Bamboo Stick Game as micronational sport.

Media freedom in Curimae is guaranteed by the government, as the constitution also guarantees freedom of voice and press. Curimae has one state-owned information service company named Curimean News Agency which will made the process of informing news and reports from Curimae to outside world easier. This wikipedia page is also managed and updated by the Curimean News Agency. Accessiblity to internet and cellphone usage reaches 100% in Curimae.

St. Clement the Pope is the micronational patron saint while St. Theresea de Avila is the macronational patron saint.


University of Curimae Seal

The University of Curimae is a state-owned and the only educational instution in Curimae recognized by the government by virtue of Presidential Decree issued by President B. Segunla. Course offered are Filipino Language, Kinaray-a Language, Basic Ship Collison Avoidance Course, Basic Math, and Curimean History. Additional courses are already planned to be implemented. The University of Curimae is directly under the supervision of the Minister of Education and Information Technology.

Currently, the University was shutdown due to shortage of students. The state-owned university was planned to operate upon the order of the Monarch.

Media and Information

The Official Media of the Royal Household and Royal Affairs is the Office of the Media Relations under the authority of the Secretary of the State. The Office of the Media Relations will launch its weekly recorded audio broadcast highlighting the current events in the Micronation. A "go signal" from the Prime Minister is needed to implement the said program. The Prime Minister is still studying the styles and process in the administration of the program.

Latest News

12 January 2019 - The Prime Minister ordered the Ministry of Education and Information Technology to conduct a weekly meeting with the Office of the Media Relations to improve government propaganda and public information dissemination. PM Barasi also asked the permission of the King to transfer the authority of the Office of the Media Relations under the Ministry of Education and Information Technology to establish a unified news dissemination agency. The King agreed with PM Barasi's request and the implementation of the "Radio Royal"- the official program of the micronation, will be out next week.

9 June 2019 - PM K. Barasi tendered his resignation as the Head of Government due to illness he is experiencing since May 2019. He was unable to perform his duties and decided to instead demoted as Secretary of the State- his previous position. Minister G. Martinez was appointed by HM King Bonifacius Adrianus I as the eight Prime Minister and his third reappointement as the Head of Government.

6 August 2019 - Ministry of Finance released the GDP for 2019 at 30,000 Curimana per annum. The high GDP was a result of the efforts of the government in securing income generating enterprises of the micronation.

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