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The Royal Kingdom of Curimae
Ang Maharlika nga Ginharian kang Kurimeyo
Coat of arms
Motto: Fortitudo mea et robur meum (English: My hope and my strength)
Anthem: The Patriotic
and largest city
New Curimae City
Official languagesEnglish, Filipino, Kinaray-a
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy (de facto)
• King
Bonifacius Adrianus I
Genesis John Martinez
LegislatureNational Assembly (inactive)
Establishment16 October 2004
• Total
62 km2 (24 sq mi)
• Census
CurrencyCurimana (CUR)
Time zoneUTC+8:00 (UTC +8)

Curimae is a Philippine micronation with influences in Panay and Mindanao. While it is supposed to be a constitutional monarchy, at this time it is a de facto absolute monarchy. The micronation was founded by now-King Bonifacius Adrianus I on 16 October 2004 in an attempt to imitate the government of the Philippines. The micronation is a personal project with no ambition or aim to secede or rebel against the Philippines. Curimae has a parliamentary government. King Bonifacius Adrianus I is the current monarch; Genesis John Martinez is the current Prime Minister. Curimae has 2 regions and 1 Special Administrative District: New Curimae City, Yellow Yarrow, and the Riverdale Group of Islands. Curimae is a member of the Accande Terrie Ornindo.


The name "Curimae" is the pseudo-anglicized name of kurimaw, a Filipino word for ugly and cheap monster. A lot of people mishear "Curimae" for kurimaw, which actually shares the same meaning in macronational aspect. In micronational aspect; they do not share the same meaning. Curimae's official name is translated in multiple Philippine languages.

  • Filipino – Ang Maharlikang Kaharian ng Kurimeyo
  • Cebuano – Ang Datuang Gingharian sa Kurimeyo
  • Kinaray-a – Ang Maharlika nga Ginharian kang Kurimeyo

Politics and government

There are 2 main political systems in Curimae: micronational and traditional. There is little cooperation between the political systems, but the cooperation is more pronounced in New Curimae City. The micronational political system consists of the Office of Royal Affairs and the National Assembly. The Office of Royal Affairs consists of a Curimae is supposed to be a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The Office of Royal Affairs manages the micronation's most essential components; it also issues Royal Decrees, which are the kingdom's supreme statutes. It is headed by the King, who is also the head-of-state. The National Assembly is the parliament of Curimae. It issues statutes called Acts, which are above all other legal issuances except Royal Decrees. The Prime Minister comes from the National Assembly. Curimae is supposed to be a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy; however, due to insufficiency in human resources, Curimae is a de facto absolute monarchy. The Prime Minister relies on the King for legal issuances; it issues Executive Orders for Royal Decrees of general nature. The traditional political system consists of families.

Local government

Curimae has 2 regions: New Curimae City and Yellow Yarrow, and 1 Special Administrative District: Riverdale Group of Islands. New Curimae is the royal capital, situated in Panay, Philippines. Riverdale consists of small pockets of land in the Jalaur River, also located in Panay. Yellow Yarrow serves as the de facto administrative center and is the personal residence of Genesis John Martinez, the current prime minister. Yellow Yarrow is macronationally located in Mindanao, Philippines.

Foreign relations

While the monarchy is neutral on foreign affairs, the government regularly contacts various other micronational governments. As of March 2023, Curimae has diplomatic relations with Arlandica, Balzi, Cadavres, Hesminia, Republic of Victor, and Venthony. Curimae is a member of the Accande Terrie Ornindo. It previously had memberships to the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia, Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands, and the Eastern Countries Nations Association.

Geography and Climate

Nasog Point viewed from East

Curimae encompasses tiny parts of the macronational Panay and Mindanao. The micronation is mountaneous and hilly. Rivers and creeks flow from this land ridges that serves as the life-line of the micronation. Sulu Sea borders the micronation from its Southeast to West. Nasog Point, commonly known as Cresta de Gallo is the highest point of the micronation. The River of Nasuli is the longest river system in the micronation. Curimae has a wet and dry season and its tropical climate makes the average temperature in Curimae is about 28 °C to 40 °C. The cold months starts from September and ends through February due to the Northeast Monsoon which comes from the Japanese and Russian regions. The warm months start from March and end through May. Rainy season starts from May to August due to the presence of Southwest monsoon which originates from Indian Ocean, the source of Monsoons.


1 Curimana Banknote 2018 series
Curimae Land Essentials, the conglomerate company in Curimae

Curimae is a capitalist micronation with a diverse economy. New Curimae City relies on tourism, water distillation, and hygiene product sales. Yellow Yarrow relies on agriculture. Curimae Soapwoks, founded as Curimae Land Essentials, is located in New Curimae City. Curimae is a tax haven; the government is expected to rely on investment and sales for revenue. Curimana is the official currency of Curimae since 2017. The Philippine Peso maybe used in conjuction with Curimana but subject to current laws. Curimana Banknotes series 2017 was in circulation but later de-valued and later replace by the more secured and presentable 2018 series.


St. Theresa of Avila, Macronational Patron Saint

Curimean culture developed and influenced mainly from Filipino Culture where members originated from. Influences from European, Indian, Arabic, and Chinese sources also exist and enriched the cultural aspects of Curimae. Curimean symbols include a flag, a seal, and a national anthem (The Patriotic). Other cultural aspects associated with Curimean customs has been recognised as micronational symbols, such as capital city of New Curimae, official language of Filipino, Carabao as micronational animal and Bamboo Stick Game as micronational sport. Christianity is the only religion in Curimae. St. Clement the Pope is the micronational patron saint while St. Theresea de Avila is the macronational patron saint.


University of Curimae Seal

The University of Curimae is a state-owned and the only educational instution in Curimae recognized by the government by virtue of Presidential Decree issued by President B. Segunla. Course offered are Filipino Language, Kinaray-a Language, Basic Ship Collison Avoidance Course, Basic Math, and Curimean History. Additional courses are already planned to be implemented. The University of Curimae is directly under the supervision of the Minister of Education and Information Technology. The University is currently shut down due to shortage of students.

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