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Curimae, officially the Republic of Curimae, is a country located on the west of The Federal Republic of Fare and The Republic of Urgunia and on the east of The Gran Britanya. It was founded by General Luna Vespochio Taruja from the existing Dukedom of Curimae amidst cold war between Spanish merchants and the Royal Family and their Familiars. It is currently composed of 8 provinces, 9 cities, and 1 special administrative district. The country is composed of mainlad and archipelago. The current president of the country is President Leonardo Estancia Remegio Sr, the current chairman of his newly-founded New Curimae Party on the year 2010. He declared martial law on February 10, 2016 as granted by the Senate headed by Senate President Isko Petry Koriat, a member of opposition party-the Democratinc Party, during that time to boost economic growth and to speed-up infrastructural building.


The word curimae came from two words curi or kuri means chieftain and mae or mao is the name of the chieftain. The Chinese traders named the island after they were warmly welcomed by then Curi Mao, chieftain of the Curians.


The first known records of settlement was found in the caves of Karapitan Heights, they were brown people that came from the east that closely resembling the indigenous people of western fare, the ancestors of the indigenous Curians. The first recorded events in the Kingdom of Curi was by the trader Hong Kee Ping, saying that Curians were friendly people but sometimes annoying in nature.