Kingdom of Havenland

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Kingdom of Havenland
Havenish Flag.png
Motto: Build, Expand, Defend
CapitalStockington Base
Demonym(s)Havenlander, Havenish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy

Head of State: HM King DuaneTheBlockBoy

Prime Minister: Tristan
• (as of April 23, 2021) census

Alternative Titles: Havenland, Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft (DJEM), Havenish Empire

The Kingdom of Havenland, more commonly known as Havenland, is a virtual micronation in Minecraft. The Kingdom of Havenland is comprised of its National Territory, including hardware where the kingdom is saved. The hardware territory of Havenland is currently located in the Philippine Islands.

The capital city is Stockington Base (Stockington B.), currently the centre of focus in civilization development. Other major cities are Minington and His Majesty's City Ship Gigantic (HMCS Gigantic).


The Kingdom of Havenland is ruled by the Havenish monarchy, and governed by a parliament under the monarch's blessing. The monarch may dissolve and form a new parliament when necessary, or directly govern when parliament is not formed.


The origins of the Kingdom of Havenland can be traced back to 2013, when Duane became interested in the formation of civilizations within the sandbox game Minecraft. The country was first established as the Duane Jared States of Minecraft (DJSM) in the map "The Three Founding States," a presidential democratic country headquartered in Minington D.C. (now Minington) with Jared as co-founder. During this time, DJSM was associated with the United Nations of Minecraft (UNM) which was an online role-play regarding fictional events. The transition from presidential democracy to monarchy followed after the collapse of the UNM​ in 2015 and the Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft (DJEM) was established with the State of Haven, as a new addition to the major states of the nation, where Stockington is constructed. With Stockington as a fresh canvas for construction projects, the king (Duane) decided to take inspiration from London and incorporated some of its concepts into the Stockington architecture. The capital of DJEM was then transferred to the new city and it became Stockington DJEM Capital (Stockington D.C.) then renamed into Stockington Base. Later, as the capital is now located in The State of Haven, the term "Havenland" was then coined to refer to the whole country as an alternative to "Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft" or "DJEM."


The motto of the Kingdom of Havenland is "Build, Expand, Defend" - to build a virtual country with notable projects that will symbolize the potential of Minecraft in virtual country formation; to expand the influence of the Kingdom of Havenland throughout Minecraft or real-life through establishing civilizations, colonies, or projects; and to defend what the Kingdom of Havenland has achieved.


The Kingdom of Havenland's national flag is a symmetrical 3x5-block pattern of colours.

Symbolism: ​ The blue blocks positioned at the corners of the flag symbolize Havenland's amiable nature towards all, the four golden blocks represent "The Three Founding States" and "The State of Haven," and the two orange colours represent imagination and creativity. The red block at the centre means that it is not impossible for Havenland to take aggressive measures when threatened. The remaining background is a white canvas, which represents the innocent nature of Havenland's foundation - a child's vision.

National Territory

The Crown of the Kingdom of Havenland (Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft) holds sovereignty over the Minecraft Maps & Files where the virtual civilizations and projects of the Kingdom & Empire are encoded, the Chunks in Minecraft online or offline servers​ & maps claimed for The Crown of the Kingdom of Havenland, and the Gadgets containing the original soft-copy of "The State of Haven" Minecraft map files.


An official Citizen of the Kingdom of Havenland (Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft) is a subject to The Crown when playing inside or using the national territories of the Kingdom & Empire.

An official Citizen of the Kingdom of Havenland (Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft) is independent of The Crown when outside or not using the national territories of the Kingdom & Empire. However, an official citizen remains a subject to The Crown outside national territory when using a Minecraft Server where at least one Chunk is under the sovereignty of The Crown of the Kingdom of Havenland.

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