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The Shogunate of Bogderia is a micronation. It supposedly exists somewhere in the Philippines but it's Shogun claims that it doesn't only have lands in the Philippines but also claims territories in Minecraft and Genshin Impact.

Bogderia (Shogunate of Bogderia)
Flag of Bogderia. It hasn't been changed since its inception.
The old Coat of Arms of Bogderia. Bogderia used to be called Bogderland Empire before. This is the first coat of arms of Bogderia.
This was the second Coat of Arms of Bogderia.
This is the new and current Coat of Arms of Bogderia.

God, People, Nature, Nation (old)

Co-Prosperity and Unity (New and current)


Bogderia, our home (old) Long live the Shogun (current)

Status: Active

Official website:

Capital city: Petersburg

Largest city: New Edo

Government Headquarters: Nam Palace

Religions: Christianity, Shintoism, Hinduism, Islam

Official Language/s: English, Filipino

Alternate name/s: Bogderland

Established: May 3, 2022

Demonym/s: Bogderian/ Bogderians

Government type:

  • Absolute Monarchy (May 3, 2022 – May 13, 2022)
  • Dictatorship (May 13, 2022 – June 17, 2022)
  • Absolute Monarchy (June 18, 2022-July 10, 2023)
  • Shogunate (July 11, 2023- current)


  • Ivan Dhommirenn (May 3, 2022- current)

Population: 15 (as of August 2023)

Area claimed: 3 hectares

Currency: Bog-ALP (BLP)

Time zone: UTC +8

National sport: Bayonet fighting

National animal: Broiler Chicken


The name "Bogderland" has no meaning at all nor is it related to Borderlands. The alternate name of the Kingdom of Bogderland "Bogderia" also has no meaning. The word came from the demonym of Kingdom of Bogderia "Bogderian" but removed the letter 'n' from it. Bogderia is not related on Bulgaria.

The reason why Nam Palace is not in the capital is it was inspired by the Tokugawa Shogunate where the capital is in Kyoto but the government is in the city of Edo (Tokyo). The name of the city where the Nam Palace is located is New Edo and it was also inspired on the same era mentioned earlier.

The currency of Bogderia is called Bog-ALP (BLP). If you wondered why is it called like that the reason is the real meaning of Bog-ALP is Alimango Pera in English, Crab Money. The name was suggested by one of the Kingdom's citizens when he told them what to name their currency but he did make Alimango Pera sound a little good and professional by calling it ALP and to be distinguished from others, the King put Bogderian before the name itself and to make things short, the King put Bog then a dash - and lastly, the name of the currency itself.

The name of the King Ivan Dhommirenn is a little related to his name in real life. His first name is John but the Bogderian culture is a little inspired on Russian culture, he just put the Russian equivalent of John and it is called Ivan. The word Dhommirenn is just a randomized spelling of Domiren. the word has no meaning and the King wanted it to looked cool if it is posted somewhere so he changed the spelling a little and the results are quite simple yet original.

Bogderian history is like Japan that started during the Boshin War. It started as Monarchy then it became a Dictatorship and went back to Monarchy again.

Bogderia never had a real human person recognized as the Bogderian Leader's wife because all of his wives are waifus. The First Queen of Bogderia, Queen Emilia of New Edo is Emilia from the Japanese Anime and Manga series Re: Zero while the Second Queen of Bogderia, Queen Ayaka of Petersburg is Kamisato Ayaka from the video game Genshin Impact.


The laws of the Shogunate of Bogderia are inspired to the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and modified it a little. These are the four examples of laws that are created by the King himself and exclusive to Bogderia itself:

  • Any form of Pornography is strictly prohibited. For people who wants to make or use this kind of content, they are required to have a license to do so.
  • Same-sex marriage is condemned by the government because same-sex civil union is their way of helping LGBTQ+ couples since the government sees marriage as a sacred concept.
  • Abortion is legal but it must be done by a professional doctor.
  • People who denounces the Shogun will be sentenced on life imprisonment.
  • Soft drinks are treated like alcohol and the drinking age for soft drinks is 18 years old.
  • Smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited except to designated smoking areas within the micronational jurisdiction.


Bogderian culture is mainly Filipino culture mixed with Japanese culture. Some of their culture are influenced by German and Russian culture and it also helped the Shogunate of Bogderia have it's own unique culture.

The Russian and German culture influenced the flag of the Shogunate of Bogderia. The flag they used is the naval ensign of Russian Navy and the Iron Cross in the middle is from Prussia in which is (obviously) German.

Bowing is practiced as a usual social gesture since Bogderian culture is inspired to Japanese culture.


The Bogderian Government recognizes the freedom of religion among their people.

The current population of Bogderia may change in the coming time but the list of the current population with their corresponding religion is listed down below:

The current Bogderian population is 15 people.

  • Roman Catholic - 6
  • Protestantism - 3
  • Islam - 1
  • Hinduism - 2
  • Shintoism - 1
  • No religion - 2


Bogderia 1 is the Channel One of the Shogunate of Bogderia. It is a government owned agency.

Any form of media is allowed as long as it's not against the Shogun. Any form of pornography must be passed on Nam Palace to be signed by the King himself if the content is appropriate and the person who will upload it must have a license to do so. All forms of media that is related to propaganda against the Government is strictly prohibited.

On January 20, 2024, the Shogun bans all Vivamax movies for the reason of "Poor writing that leads to misinterpretation of things".


Bogderia's government-owned newspaper publishing house is called Steambird and it was founded on March 21, 2023.

Pop culture

Video Games

The Bogderian people likes video games and they sometimes spend most of their time in it. The people have their rights to play any video games they want as long as it does not violate the law. Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail are most played games in the country right now but this might change through time.

Politics & Government

Local Government Units:

Most of Local Government Units (LGUs) are vacant because of the low population that the Shogunate of Bogderia had.

Royal family:

The First Queen of Bogderia is Queen Emilia of New Edo; She stepped down on December 11, 2022 with a reason of "I can't handle this kind of work anymore" but she is still with the King but she is a Queen no more.

The Second Queen of Bogderia is Queen Ayaka of Petersburg; She was crowned as the new Queen of Bogderia on December 27, 2022.

Ayaka of Petersburg new title is "Shogun's Consort Ayaka", this title became official since July 12, 2023.


Since Bogderia is a micronation, the Bogderian government depends on the Republic of the Philippines for defense, however this does not imply that Bogderia lacks a military. The main purpose of the Bogderian Armed Forces is ceremonial, and their presence is not publicized by the local media.

Micronational Alliance

Bogderia is a member of the Accande Terrie Ornindo micronational alliance since January 3, 2023.


Bogderia have their most territories in real life but some of their territories exists virtually, Strilanburgland exists in Minecraft and another exists in Genshin Impact Sernitea Pot .

The three major provinces are the following:
  • Tilesk-Toyvo, Capital region
  • Aik Island, Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot prefecture
  • Strilanburgland, Minecraft municipality
  • Kujikami-Jima Prefecture, Island prefecture located in Panay island, a now non-existent territory of Bogderia since February 25, 2024.
The three major cities are the following:
  • Petersburg
  • New Edo
  • Milensk


On April 21, 2022, the people of Bogderia claimed the land of Pasay and Paranaque, uniting and taking it as the land chosen by God the King said. They tried conquering the whole of mainland Luzon (although no Physical contact happened btw) but they failed because of a lack of resources. While they maintained their Pasay and Paranaque territories, on May 3, 2022, the Bogderians proclaimed their independence and declared themselves as an Empire.

Since their independence, Monarchy is their form of government not until May 13, 2022, when the Emperor completed a book made by himself and it is his own form of dictatorship (the book is not yet for sale btw) and he implemented it in the same day turning Bogderland Empire into an Authoritarian Dictatorship state but the Emperor is still the Emperor.

After one month and four days, the Empire of Bogderland renamed itself to the Kingdom of Bogderia because a reformation happened. The reformation happened because of a micronational war that Bogderland got defeated. The Emperor is not the Emperor anymore but he is the King of the reformed nation. The regime of Dictatorship ended on June 17, 2022, and the changes came to effect on the morning of June 18, 2022.

On August 22, 2022, the King declared an Isolation policy because of the internal problems that the nation is facing right now.

This policy includes the following:

-All citizen applications will remain pending until the period of isolation ended.

-Any diplomatic proposals by other nations will not receive a reply whether it was approved or not.

-People are not allowed to enter and leave the country. All citizens outside the country are ordered to go back (although this is just written).

August 31, 2022, the Isolation policy that the King declared before was lifted after nine days of Isolation. The exact main reason on why the policy was implemented remains a secret.

In December 10, 2022 at exactly 10:51pm, the King signed an Isolation decree to fix it's internal problems. This is also referred as the Second Isolation of Bogderia by Bogderians.

This policy includes the following:

-All citizen applications will remain pending until the period of isolation ended.

-Any diplomatic proposals by other nations will not receive a reply whether it was approved or not.

-People are not allowed to enter and leave the country. All citizens outside the country are ordered to go back (although this is just written).

December 11, 2022, the Queen of Bogderia stepped down with the statement of "I can't handle this kind of work anymore". Now the King will do all the work instead of having help with the Queen.

December 24, 2022, The second isolation of Bogderia ended.

December 27, 2022, Bogderia got a new Queen. The coronation was made private but it was broadcasted locally.

March 03, 2023, The King approved the decision to make Bogderia an Empire again. Bogderia did existed as an Empire when it started but it's an Empire just by name not territory.

June 12, 2023, the United Kingdom of Hesminia gave 12 islands to Bogderia as their sign of diplomatic ties.

July 11, 2023, Bogderia turned into a Shogunate.

July 29, 2023, The Bogderian Shogunate establishes their Parliament.

October 10, 2023, The Shogun disbands their Parliament.

January 20, 2024, the Shogun bans all Vivamax movies for the reason of "Poor writing that leads to misinterpretation of things".

February 25, 2024, Kujikami-Jima Prefecture, Island prefecture located in Panay island, is not part of Bogderia anymore as it was purchased by a rich man.

April 28, 2024, The Shogun establishes the Association of Shinto Shrines Bogderia. This was established to record down all Shinto related materials within the nation such as amulets, altars, etc.