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United Kingdom of Great Ravenia
Nagkakaisang Kaharian ng Raveniya(Filipino) Nagkaido Kahino Dos Mahien Raveniya (Ravguean)
Flag of Ravenia
Motto: "Unity is Strength, Division is Weakness"
CapitalMaharlika City
Official languagesRavguean and Filipino
Ethnic groups
Roman Catholic
LegislatureRavenian Imperial Parliament
• Established
28th September 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyPhilipine Peso
Time zoneRavenian Standard Time
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+63

Ravenia or the United Kingdom of Great Ravenia is a micronation in the Philippines Island or the Sector of Luzon, declared as a micronation on the dates of 28th September 2022. The current monarchy is His Majesty, Raven Jacob Pisalbon. Ravenia is a member of the Accande Terrie Ornindo , Luzon Treaty Organization, General Assembly of the Philippine Micronations and the Hesminian Commonwealth . Under the communist government of Ravenia, the civil war started and with the White Army's victory, Ravenia still exists as a Kingdom to this day.



Ravenia declared independence on 28 September 2022 as the Ravenian Socialist Republic (RSR).

Ravenia Civil War

Ravenia got into civil wars from the White Army and the White Army's victory to the civil war and the Communism Government of Ravenia lost the civil wars, then Mr Raven Jacob Pisalbon turned into the Monarchy of the Ravenia after victory to the civil war from Ravenian Red Army.

Ravenian Dog Rebelion

The Ravenian Dog Rebellion sought to overthrow Ravenia and establish their own micronation. However, Ravenia moved quickly, sending soldiers to press the rebels until they gave up and the dog rebels surrendered.



The Government politics is the Head of states is the Monarchy and rules like the United Kingdom, the Monarchy is His Majesty, Raven Jacob Pisalbon. The headquarters of the Government is located in Maharlika City, Ravenia.

Provinces And Territories

Ravenia Have Provinces and Territories Scattered across the Philippines

Here Is the List Of Provinces and Territories that Ravenia Own:

  1. Province of Elerie
  2. Province of New Hesminia
  3. Province of Vista Del Norte
  4. Royal Territory of Nevado
  5. Royal Territory of Bubuin

Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations of the United Kingdom of Great Ravenia

The United Kingdom of Great Ravenia maintains diplomatic relations with a number of other micronations and entities, seeking to promote peace, cooperation, and mutual understanding. This page provides an overview of Ravenia's foreign relations.

Diplomatic Relations Ravenia seeks to establish diplomatic relations with other micronations based on mutual respect, sovereignty, and cooperation. It recognizes the importance of diplomacy in resolving disputes and advancing common interests.

Recognition Ravenia seeks recognition from other micronations and entities to establish its status as a sovereign state. It respects the sovereignty and independence of other micronations and expects the same in return.

Bilateral Relations Ravenia has established diplomatic relations with several micronations, including:

  1. Aquila
  2. Bogderia
  3. Curimae
  4. Hesminia
  5. Irandel
  6. Venthony
  7. Vista
  8. Zhao

These relations are based on friendship, cooperation, and shared values.

Multilateral Relations Ravenia is a member of several micronational organizations. It actively participates in these organizations to promote peace, security, and development among micronations.

Foreign Aid and Assistance Ravenia provides foreign aid and assistance to other micronations in need, including humanitarian aid, technical assistance, and capacity building. It believes in the importance of helping others and contributing to global stability and prosperity.

International Cooperation Ravenia cooperates with other micronations and entities on a wide range of issues, including environmental protection, human rights, and economic development. It believes that international cooperation is essential for addressing global challenges.

Conclusion The United Kingdom of Great Ravenia is committed to maintaining positive and constructive relations with other micronations and entities. Through diplomacy, cooperation, and mutual respect, Great Ravenia seeks to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous micronational community.


Ravenian Royal Armed Forces

Ravenian Royal Forces (RRAF) are the military forces responsible for the defense and security of the micronation. Comprising the Army, Navy, and Air Force, the RRAF is a volunteer force dedicated to protecting the sovereignty and integrity of Great Ravenia.

Organization The RRAF is organized into three branches:

1.Ravenian Royal Army The Army is responsible for ground-based military operations. It is comprised of infantry, armored, and support units, capable of conducting a variety of missions to defend Ravenia's territory and interests.

2.Ravenian Royal Navy The Navy is responsible for maritime operations and defense. It operates a fleet of patrol boats and is tasked with protecting Ravenia's waters, conducting maritime patrols, and supporting naval operations.

3.Ravenian Royal Air Force The Air Force is responsible for air defense and aerial operations. It operates a fleet of aircraft, including fighters and transport planes, to defend Ravenia's airspace and provide air support to ground forces.

Training and Readiness The RRAF places a strong emphasis on training and readiness. All members undergo basic military training and regular drills to maintain their skills. Specialized training is also provided for different roles within the armed forces.

Equipment Due to legal restrictions on firearms, the RRAF is equipped with airsoft guns for training, Defence and simulation purposes. While not lethal, these weapons provide realistic training scenarios for the troops.

Role The primary role of the RRAF is to defend the United Kingdom of Great Ravenia from external threats and to maintain internal security. Additionally, the armed forces may be called upon to assist in disaster relief efforts and other emergencies.

Command Structure The RRAFis commanded by the Commander-in-Chief, who is responsible for overall military strategy and operations. Each branch of the armed forces is led by a Chief of Staff, who reports to the Commander-in-Chief.

Relations with Other Micronations The RRAF seeks to maintain positive relations with other micronations and may engage in joint military exercises and cooperation to enhance regional security and stability.

Conclusion Ravenian Royal Armed Forces play a vital role in ensuring the security and prosperity of the micronation. Through their dedication and professionalism, they stand ready to defend Great Ravenia and its citizens.