Captaincy of Lovinia

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Ang Kapitansya ng Lovinia
Captaincy of Lovinia
Flag of Lovinia
Coat of arms of Lovinia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Isang Bayan, Isang Laban" (Filipino)
One Nation, One Fight
Anthem: Lovinia, My Motherland
CapitalPoblacion de Lovinia (provisional)
Official languagesEnglish
Recognized languagesBisaya
No national religion
Common religions
GovernmentUnitary, executive presidential republic
John Nobleza
• Speaker of the Lovinian National Council
Elena Navidad
LegislatureLovinian National Council
• Abayalandia, Kingdom of Lovinia, and Republic of Lovinia
• Lovinian Federal Republic
April 10, 2018
• Dissolution of the Lovinian Federal Republic
March 1, 2021
• Creation of the Federal Peoples' Democratic Republic of Lovinia
March 25, 2021
• Transition Period
September 2021 to June 2022
• Current Constitution
July 1, 2022
• Estimate
28 (as of 2022)
CurrencyPhilippine peso (PHP, ₱)
Time zoneUTC+8:00
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy

The Captaincy of Lovinia is a self-declared unitary, executive presidential republic. A micronation, it is located in the Philippines, with territories in three areas, Las Pinas City, La Union, and, Quezon City, Philippines. It is also known before as the Kingdom of Lovinia (2016-2017), Republic of Lovinia (2018), Lovinian Federal Republic (2018-2021), and Federal Peoples' Democratic Republic of Lovinia (2021).


The name "Lovinia" is named by Jeremy Norberto, then King of the Kingdom of Lovinia. There is no clear origin on where the name of Lovinia is originated. Before, the name of the country is "Abayalandia", derived in the family name of the Original Owner of the land, Mrs. Zorayda Abarri. The citizens are called "Lovinian".


Kingdom of Lovinia and Republic of Lovinia (2016-2018)

Prior to the foundation of the Federal Republic of Lovinia on February 27, 2016, the country was named the Republic of Abayalandia and occupied the territory until the Republic of Lovinia was found on January 25, 2018. The name of the country is first proposed sometime in 2017. The Federal Republic of Lovinia was found on April 10, 2018, after a referendum of a constitutional change and a shift from a Republic to the Federal Parliamentary Republic.

Federal Republic of Lovinia, Inactivity, and Dissolution (2018-2021)

The Federal Republic of Lovinia was found on April 10, 2018, after a referendum of a constitutional change and a shift from a Republic to the Federal Parliamentary Republic. On 2019, a new constitution is written by the Chancellor of Lovinia, Mr. Jeremy Norberto.

Two years have passed, the country fall in a state of inactivity because the Chancellor, Jericho Noveno, was busy in his academics and student life. In 2020, the potential meeting of the Lovinian House of Representatives and Lovinian Juniors' Congress was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the 1st day of March, 2021, the country was dissolved.

FPDRL (2021)

Days after the dissolution of the country, the then Chancellor, Jeremy Norberto decided to reboot the country. On March 25, 2021, he established the Federal Peoples' Democratic Republic Lovinia. He also drafted the constitution, that will take effect on the 1st day of May, 2021. Jeremy Norberto, was the Transition Administrator of the FPDRL due to the fact that there were no elections yet. The elections have taken place on the 20th of April to vote the Representatives of each Residences, which also serves as the Head of the Household. On May 1st, John Nobleza was elected President of the Federation. After a few days, the President appointed Jennifer Nobleza as Prime Minister and Caretaker of the Palayan-Mayon Special Territory. The Zapote Special Territory was under supervision of the Narra Residence. Also, on May 26, 2021, the Banaba Residency was under supervision of the Narra Residency due to the fact that the residents have moved out and its' Residence Representative had resigned on May 10, 2021, due to personal and familial circumstances. In 2021, it announced that the government will undergo an transitional period to its new government.

Provisional Transferal Government and the Provisional Government (2022)

On January 2022, the Lovinian government stated on its' Twitter account that Lovinia would be transferring its' main territory in La Union, Philippines, but a few months later, the plan was scrapped. On June 2022, the Lovinian government declared that in July 2022, the new constitution would be released. On June 25 and June 28, the Lovinian Interim Assembly convened to finish the draft of the constitution. The initial plan was for Lovinia would be created as "Republic of Lovinia" with a President, but Captaincy of Lovinia was created. A few days later, the Constitution was ratified by both the Interim Assembly and the Lovinian populace, with 80% approving to renew the constitution.

The Captaincy of Lovinia (2022-present)

On July 1st, the Captaincy of Lovinia was created, with its Constitution is in force. John Nobleza is the current Interim Captain, with Elena Navidad as the Speaker of the Interim Council. On December 1st, the inaugural elections of the Captaincy took place, in which Lovinians voted John Nobleza as its first ever Captain-General, and the members of the National Council.

The members of the National Council, as well as the current Captain-General took oath on January 1st, 2023.

Politics and Government


The Constitution of the Captaincy of Lovinia is in effect since July 1st after a public referendum ratifying the new constituting instrument on June 29th.

Branches of Government

The government of Lovinia is composed of the following:

  • Executive Branch - Headed by the Captain-General.
  • Legislative Branch - Made up of the Lovinian National Council. The Council also serves as the Captain-General's Cabinet.
  • Judicial Branch - Made up of the National Board of Peacemakers, headed by the Head Peace Officer, with 2 Associate Peace Officers.

Administrative Divisions

Lovinia have three types of administrative divisions, namely;

  • Barrios - A first-level division, equivalent to a province, headed by the barrio leader.
  • Poblacion - A first-level division, equivalent to a city, headed by the poblacion leader.
  • Purok - A second-level division, which divides each barrio and poblacion, headed by the purok leader.

The following are the administrative divisions of Lovinia as stated in the Captainship Decree #3, s. 2022;

Seal Name of Division Type of Division Location Leaders

(interim basis)

Poblacion de Lovinia Poblacion Las Pinas City, Philippines John Nobleza,

Interim Captain

San Juan de Urbiztondo Barrio San Juan, La Union, Philippines Josephine Nobleza,

Member of the Interim Council

Dilicentral Barrio Quezon City, Philippines Elena Navidad,

Member of the Interim Council

Zapote Barrio Las Pinas City, Philippines Gerardo Corpuz,

Member of the Interim Council

Diplomatic Relations and Foreign Policy

Lovinia executes a free, active, and non-interventionist policy on its foreign affairs, which means that Lovinia shall be active in all intermicronational activities, its existence should not be threatened by another nation, and it cannot involved in any foreign countries internal affairs.

Lovinia was part of the Sovereignty and Solidarity Coalition.

As of July 10th, Lovinia has diplomatic relations with 12 micronations, namely;

On July 4th, Lovinia was admitted to the United Sovereignties.

National Symbols

The National Symbols of Lovinia represent the Lovinian people, its government, and the consitution. Prescribed below are the list of the Lovinian National Symbols, as stated in the Act of Interim Council #2 and the Lovinian Constitution

National Symbol Name/Image Date Adopted
National Flag July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

Alternative Flag July 20th, 2022

(Act of Interim Council #2)

National Seal July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Coat of Arms July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Motto "Isang Bayan. Isang Laban" July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Anthem "Lovinia, My Motherland"

Oh! Lovinia, my Motherland!

Your name is such beauty

With your daughters' knowledge and their advance

And the might, strength, and will of all your sons

Your land, guided by the Above

With your peace, will, and love!

Lovinia, my one, and only land

With its' people, united they all stand

For this country of liberty

We honor the flag with thee!

Music: July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

Lyrics: July 20th, 2022

(Act of Interim Council #2)

National Pledge "National Pledge"

I am a Lovinian.

I am loyal to my homeland.

It inspires all my dreams and efforts. It

protects me, and helps me be strong.

I will be loyal to its flag

In which it represents us, Lovinians

In return, I will be polite;

I will perform the duties of a patriotic, law-abiding citizen;

I will faithfully serve my country.

I will be a true Lovinia at heart.

I swear by oaths under the name of Lovinia.

I will be a loyal citizen and

follow all laws bestowed to me by the Captaincy.

So help me, God.

July 20th, 2022

(Act of Interim Council #2)

National Languages English (Official), and Filipino July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

Recognized Languages Ilocano, Bisaya, Bicolano July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Writing Systems Latin and Baybayin July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Day 1. February 27th - Captain's Day

2. March 25th - Lovinia Day

3. March 30th - National Flag Day

4. June 12 - Lovinian-Filipino Friendship Day

5. July 1st - Captaincy Day

#1 to #4 - July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

#5 - July 20th, 2022

(Act of Interim Council #2)

National Animal

Golden Retriever (Canis lupus familiaris)

July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Bird

Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)

July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Flower

Gumamela (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

National Fruit and Tree

Black Sapote (Diospyros nigra)

July 20th, 2022

(Act of Interim Council #2)

National Gem


July 20th, 2022

(Act of Interim Council #2)

National Colors Blue, Yellow, and Green July 1st, 2022

(Constitution of Lovinia)

Geography and Climate

Lovinia consists of four areas: Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union (Barrio of San Juan de Urbiztondo), Quezon City (Barrio of Dilicentral), Las Pinas City (Barrio of Zapote and Poblacion de Lovinia). The Northernmost Region is also considered as the "Surfing Capital of the North".

The Barrios of Dilicentral and Zapote and Poblacion de Lovinia has a tropical savanna climate with dry winters. Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 22°C in January to 34°C in May. The sky is cloudiest in August and clearest in April. Precipitation is most likely in July and least likely in April. The Barrio of San Juan de Urbiztondo has a "dry" climate from November to April and a "wet" climate from May to October. During the rainy season, the south-west monsoon brings a lot of moisture, while the north-east monsoon, which passes over the Cordillera Mountains to the east, brings drier weather. The average annual temperature is 27.2 degrees Celsius.


As of now, the de facto currency of the country is the Philippine Peso (PHP). According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the Philippines' Gross Domestic Product (GDP) posted a growth rate of -8.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020, resulting in the -9.5 percent full-year growth rate for 2020.


Lovinian culture evolved and was inspired mostly by Filipino culture, from which its members came. Lovinia's cultural elements have been enhanced by influences from European, Indian, Arabic, and Chinese origins.


The country has no official education system. It uses the Philippine Education Department's K-12 Basic Education Program. All schools that the children of Lovinia attend have the freedom to educate its' children.

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