Kingdom of Centumcellæ

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Kingdom of Centumcellae
Flag of Centumcellae
Anthem: Anthem of Centumcellae
and largest city
Official languagesItalian, English, Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
H.M. Manuel Maria I° of Centumcellæ
• Prime Minister
H.E. Lorenzo Prudenzano
LegislatureUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
EstablishmentSeptember 2016
• ... residents census
20 citizens,
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
Time zoneCEST, CET

The Kingdom of Centumcellae (which first was a Principality) was founded by the head of the family, S.M. Fabio Gregori I °. The Power from September 2016 A.D. was entrusted to his son, S.A.R. Prince Manuel Maria Gregori Accorsi, due to the abdication of S.M. Fabio I °.

S.A.R. Prince Manuel Maria Gregori Accorsi, immediately dedicated to the Kindom (Principality), its economy, society and culture, has established diplomatic relations with the Vatican State, with the Spanish nation and with the Italian nation.


Principality of Centumcellae

From September 2016 to July 2020, Centumcellae was a Principality.

Wikonga: Dependency


Kingdom of Centumcellae

After a referendum with 85% fo "YES", the Government of Centumcellae started a constitutional reform proposed by the then Secretary of State Hugo de Saint-Paul and personal advisor of H.R.H and by H.H. himself. The Principality of Centumcellae became from there on "The Kingdom of Centumcellae".


H.R.H, King Manuel Maria Gregori Accorsi

Heads of State

List of Heads of State
His Majesty, Prince Fabio Gregori 1st

His Majesty, Prince Manuel Maria Gregori Accorsi

His Majesty, King Manuel Maria Gregori Accorsi 2020- ....


Current Government
Government of Centumcellae
President of the Council of Ministers

and Prime Minister

H.E. Lorenzo Prudenzano 2020-...
Minister of Internal Matters

H.E. Walter Maiorano

Minister of Public Education

H.E. Isabella Cucurachi 2020-...
Minister of Equal Opportunities and of the Family

H.E. Aurora Sanchez 2020-...
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

H.E. Elijah Giordano 2020-...
*Guarantor of the territory and the regions

H.E. Hugo de Saint-Paul 2020-...

*The Guarantor of the territory and the regions is a symbolic role. He's officially member of the Government, but has no voting right or right to participation.

List of Prime Ministers
Prime Ministers of Centumcellae
H.E. Elijah Giordano ...-2020 Led Centumcellae out of Wikonga's tirany
H.E. Hugo de Saint-Paul 2020-2020 Led Centumcellae out of the State of Emergency (Covid-19) and started an ambitious foreign relations policy
H.E. Lorenzo Prudenzano 2020-... Is the first Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Centumcellae


Centumcellae's divisions

Centumcellae is divided in a few regions, some of the have the status of Principality.

  • Region of Centumcellae
  • Principality of Augustania
  • Region of Corniculum
  • Principality of Manduria and Terra Mesapiche

List of Regional Leaders

Principality of Augustania H.R.H Prince Hugo de Saint-Paul 2020-....
Principality of Manduria and Terra Mesapiche H.M. Prince Lorenzo Prudenzano 2020-....
Region of Corniculum H.E. Elijah Giordano 2020-....

More information

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

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