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The Long Island sector is an area with a medium density of micronations on Long Island. The most known widely micronations in the Microwiki sector are Ausveria and Tesforia. However, outside of the Microwiki sector, Independent Long Island and Aynvaul are generally more known and talked about, with the former having received some media coverage. Long Island comprises a wide variety of terrain, including beaches, coastal pine barrens, suburban towns, and urban cityscapes. To the west, the Micronational Area borders several bodies of water that separate Long Island from the other boroughs of New York City.


The earliest known Long Island micronationalist was Cesidio Tallini, who founded the Tallini Family in 1998. Despite the democratic monarchy initially having a non-internet presence, its foundations and legal system became entirely web-based.[1][2]

On 28 May 2020 Fredrick M. founded the Assembly of Long Island Micronations.

In early October 2020, Vincent Vertuccio led a round table meeting attended by many delegates from the Long Island Micronational Area, discussing many issues relevant to the area.[3]

Long Island micronations

Flag Micronation Year established Regions on Long Island Notes
The Tallini Family 1998 Unknown Inactive in 2019, Dissolved by 2021 according to Facebook posts by Cesidio Tallini, whom confirmed Covid-19 and the unfortunate passing of his mother as the reasons.
State of Joeland 2000 Unknown Proto-Micronation, Probably Defunct by 2005.
TTF-Bucksfan 2001 Unknown (Defunct) and Dissolved according to statements made by Cesidio Tallini on Facebook posts in 2019 and 2021.
Aynvaul Imperial Government 2006 Outer Lands The oldest continuous Long Island micronation that is extant or active.
Independent Long Island 2007 All of Long Island (Defunct) and Dissolved according to statements by Cesidio Tallini on Facebook posts in 2019 and 2021
Kingdom of Tiana 2010 Suffolk County
Sultanate of Hakka 2010 Unknown Inactive.
Christian Republic of the Pongo 2010 Unknown (Defunct) now part of Tiana
Republic of Kinsovea 2011 Unknown Through territory of Shoreham.
Confederate States of Derskov-Viadalvia 2012 South Dumpling Island (Defunct)
Republic of New Custosia 2016 Suffolk County Through province of Caputia.
Kingdom of Custosia 2017 Suffolk County Through province of Edwardia.
Atovia Kingdom of Atovia
Province of Verraland-Sylvana
2017 Unknown Officially dissolved and no longer claimed as of 21 January 2021.
Federated States of Transterra 2018 Unknown Absorbed into Atovia
Bepistan Bepistani Reich 2018 Brooklyn
Staten Island
Federal Republic of Takraln 2019 Nassau County
Tesforia People's Republic of Tesforia 2019 Patchouge
Ausveria Ausverian Volksrepublik 2019 Brittany, Polucaville, several Reichskommissariats Active, pursuing isolationism.
Free Socialist State of Paloma 2019 Bayport Through territory of San Souci.
Commonwealth of Faltree Commonwealth of Faltree
County of Breuckelen
2020 Brooklyn Through territory of Breuckelen
Cape Prusson 2020 Brooklyn
National Socialist Empire of New Prussia 2020 Manhattan (Split apart following the New Prussia Civil War successor states not believed to have territories on Long Island)
Kingdom of Cheskgariya 2020 Oakdale Cheskgariya is a constituent state of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth.
Excelsior United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic 2020 Brooklyn, Baiting Hollow In a civil war
Federal Republic of Posandia 2021 Brooklyn Formerly known as Aenderia. Nor originally on Long Island.
Lake Ronkonkoma Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma 2021 Ronkomkoma (Active)
TDC Empire 2021 Nassau County and Suffolk County (Dissolved) since the twelfth of January, 2024. Has become the Kingdom of TDC
Rusilkian Federation 2021 Nassau County, some claims in Suffolk County (Active)
Italic Duchy of Western Long Island 2022 Nassau County Disbanded
Federation of Klausland 2022 Suffolk County (Active)
Empire of Whisperburg 2022 Smithtown Formerly known as the Kingdom of United Smithtown.
Democratic Republic of Vitione 2022 Brooklyn (Active)
Republic of Valkerion 2023 Nassau County (Active)
Kingdom of TDC 2023 Nassau County and Suffolk County Has been annexed into the Rusilkian Federation as of 4/16/2024
Republic Of Grovia 2024 Nassau County (Active)
Republic of Verraland 2024 Babylon Proclaimed on February 24, 2024; Active

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