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A picturesque view in Carshalton, looking across the Upper Pond to Honeywood House

The Carshalton Nations are the sector or "civilisation" of micronations based mainly in and around the British town of Carshalton in south London. Other than the original kingdom of Rushymia, all of the Carshalton Nations have so far been linked by the involvement of members of the House of Austen. The Emperor of Austenasia holds the title Great King in Carshalton to reflect their suzerainty over the other nations in the area.


The Carshalton Nations in their most inclusive definition are generally accepted to consist of:

The Slinky Empyre and Free State of Renasia have also had land claims bordered by Carshalton (Tincomarus Department and the Zone, respectively), but are not generally considered to have been part of the Carshalton Nations.

By mid-2010, Austenasian suzerainty had been extended over Orly and the Midgets, and the three nations began to be collectively referred to as the Carshalton Sector. Gradually, this term also began to be used to refer retrospectively to the historical micronation of Rushymia. On 12 May 2012, Declan I, II & V formally recognised his leadership of the nations in Carshalton by adopting the title "Shahanshah ("King of the Kings") of the Carshalton Realms, a title held ex officio by the Austenasian Monarch. Upon the ascension of Jonathan I to the Austenasian Throne, he changed the wording in this title to "Carshalton Nations", a phrase which has since become the standard descriptor for the sector.


The first recorded micronational activity in Carshalton was in October 1995, with the foundation of Rushymia. This nation, based in Rushy Meadow Primary School, is very unlikely to have been known of outside of those immediately involved with it. Rushymia transitioned from a military dictatorship into an absolute monarchy before dissolving as a centralised government in September 2000, although autonomous cultural remnants of the micronation lasted until 2006 in the form of the Quietarians.

The Midget Empire, founded in September 2002, quickly took over the political vacuum left by the fall of Rushymia in Rushy Meadow. This stratocratic despotism - which, as with Rushymia, began to resemble an absolute monarchy more and more towards its end - lasted until September 2006, when central government quickly collapsed, although isolated political and cultural remnants remained until early 2007. The memory of Rushymia and the Midget Empire remained, and ultimately helped to inspire the foundation of Austenasia on 20 September 2008.

Within six years, Austenasia had grown to an enormous extent, spreading throughout Great Britain and around the world. Austenasia inspired the foundation of Orly in 2010 and Wildflower Meadows in 2016, and annexed the Midget Nation-in-Exile (a micronation comprised of former members of the Midget Empire, founded in 2009) in April 2011. Since the Liberation of Orly in 2013, Austenasia has been viewed as the guarantor of the independence of the Carshalton Nations from outside interference, and holds a certain pre-eminence over the remaining independence nations, Orly and Wildflower Meadows.

The first time a large amount of British residents of Carshalton became aware of micronations in Carshalton was in January 2009, when the local newspaper (the Sutton Guardian) printed an article on the founding of the Empire of Austenasia. The following year, the number of locals with knowledge of Austenasia rose drastically; Sutton Council recognised the Austenasian nation in March 2010, the Austenasian Civil War resulted in over one hundred local students enlisting in either the Austenasian Army or Carolinian militias (with many more becoming aware of the conflict), and in July of that year the nation of Orly was founded by regular visitors of a local park after some of them were inspired by Austenasia to form their own nation.

in May 2011 local MP Tom Brake held a meeting with HIH Crown Prince Jonathan to discuss Austenasia's relations with the UK. This eventually led to another article about Austenasia being published in the local newspaper in September 2011. The Sutton Guardian published two more articles on Austenasia in February 2013 for the Coronation of Emperor Jonathan I and in July 2014 for the annexation of the Zone.


Calendar era

On 4 October 2022, Emperor Jonathan I in his capacity as Great King in Carshalton and King of Rushymia issued a decree establishing a new calendar era, the year of Carshalton, specifically for the history of the Carshalton Nations, computed from the epoch of September 1995 with the first entry into the Playground (or, more accurately, Key Stage 2) of General James and Warlord Ferengool. This therefore places the founding of Rushymia (c. October 1995), the first Carshalton Nation, early in the year of Carshalton 1. Each year on the calendar starts on the first Monday in September to fall on or after the second day of the month:

Year of Carshalton Gregorian calendar Anno Mundi (approx.) Notable events
4 Sep 1995 -
1 Sep 1996
7504 General James raises an army in Rushy Meadow to defeat a group of bullies, which is then taken over by Ferengool as Warlord and used to subdue the Playground (October). The future Empress Hannah is born (27 February 1996)
2 Sep 1996 -
7 Sep 1997
7505 Ferengool cedes power to Billy (September 1996). Billy launches a persecution of Vapourism after Ferengool uses it to attempt to regain influence (June).
8 Sep 1997 -
6 Sep 1998
7506 Ferengool crowns Billy the first King of Rushymia (September 1997). Billy is overthrown and replaced by King Alex after a short reign of theocratic tyranny (December). The future Princess Caroline of Austenasia is born (25 May 1998). Alex sends a first mission to the Infants to secure pledges of fealty (c. July).
7 Sep 1998 -
5 Sep 1999
6 Sep 1999 -
3 Sep 2000
7508 Alex sends a second mission to the Infants, which encounters the future Jonathan I (c. April). Alex leaves the school, investing the throne of Rushymia in Alex's Bottle (July).
4 Sep 2000 -
2 Sep 2001
7509 The Disciples of Ferengool form a Rushymian Parliament but are unable to prevent the fall of Rushymia with no king (September 2000).
3 Sep 2001 -
1 Sep 2002
2 Sep 2002 -
7 Sep 2003
7511 The Midget Empire is founded with Daniel as the First Midget Master, fighting off attacks from Invaders from its very beginning (c. 9 September). The Midget Civil War is fought between Daniel and the New and Improved Midgets, with victory for the former (March). The Midgets conquer half of the Rebel Side after the Battle of the Push Bench Gang (April), before joining their new allies the Word Life Gang in the First Boys vs Girls War against the Girly Gang (May).
8 Sep 2003 -
5 Sep 2004
7512 The Word Life Gang, supported by the Midget Army, launch an unsuccessful Invasion of the Quiet Area in an attempt to enable retrieval of Alex's Bottle (October). The First Boys vs Girls War ends with victory for the Midgets and Word Life Gang after the First Battle of the Grove (15 March); Daniel also declares victory against the Invaders after their attacks come to an end, and the Midgets annex the remainder of the Rebel Side after the dissolution of the Girly Gang (July).
6 Sep 2004 -
4 Sep 2005
7513 Daniel abdicates, naming Jonathan the Second Midget Master (6 September). The Midgets conquer the Line and Lower Playground (February). The Midgets conquer the Patioed Pathway; with a majority of the Playground's provinces now under Midget control, Jonathan assumes the titles Warlord of the Playground and Theocrat of Atkantia, but bestows the latter on Commander Thomas as part of a power-sharing agreement after the First Coup (June). The brief and inconclusive Second Boys vs Girls War is fought by the Midgets (20 August).
5 Sep 2005 -
3 Sep 2006
7514 The Second Coup takes place, ending in Jonathan giving the title of Warlord to Gregory, who joins him and Thomas in a Triumvirate governing the Playground (September 2005). The Midgets conquer the Quiet Area Pathway, then defeat the Midget Hunters and make the Quiet Area a protectorate, before successfully fighting on behalf of Rushy Meadow in the War of Muschamp Alley (April). The protectorate status of the Quiet Area is forcibly imposed when the Quietarians dispute the arrangement, and Jonathan leads a 40-strong army in conquering the Upper Playground, beginning the brief Pax Midgetana (May). Jonathan sends a mission to the Infants, and appoints his sister Caroline as his heir as Midget Master (June/July). Jonathan and his fellow triumvirs leave Rushy Meadow (25 July), appointing Caroline the Third Midget Master (31 July).
4 Sep 2006 -
2 Sep 2007
7515 The Midget Empire collapses with Caroline and the remnants of the Midget Army unable to assert authority over a Playground without Jonathan and his year group (September 2006).
3 Sep 2007 -
7 Sep 2008
8 Sep 2008 -
6 Sep 2009
7517 The Empire of Austenasia is declared an independent state, with Terry I - father of the former Second Midget Master - ruling as Emperor over the then sole Austenasian Town of Wrythe (20 September). The Skirmish of Beddington Park is fought (3 February). South Kilttown is founded as a second Austenasian Town (25 April). The Skirmish of the Treasury is fought (25 May).
7 Sep 2009 -
5 Sep 2010
7518 Caroline announces the creation of the Midget Nation-in-Exile (30 December), but later abdicates in favour of Thomas as Fourth Midget Master (4 February). Terry I abdicates, with the Austenasian Throne passing to Esmond III (16 February). The Austenasian Civil War breaks out with Caroline disputing the succession, but is won by Esmond's forces (7 March - 24 May). Orly is founded, inspired by and under the suzerainty of Austenasia, but soon splits into the Kingdom of the Grove ruled by King Calum I and the Kingdom of Copan ruled by King Declan I (July 2010).
6 Sep 2010 -
4 Sep 2011
7519 South Kilttown is renamed to Zephyria (10 September 2010). Esmond III retrieves Alex's Bottle and claims the title King of Rushymia (17 October). Esmond III deposes Calum I and appoints Crown Prince Jonathan as Lord Regent of the Grove (12 November). Jonathan then abdicates, allowing Declan I to reunify the Grove and Copan into a new Tsardom of Orly, leading to the brief War of the Orlian Reunification and the accession of Declan I as joint Emperor of Austenasia and King of Rushymia and as the new Fifth Midget Master (8-19 December). The Midget Nation-in-Exile is annexed by Austenasia (9 April).
5 Sep 2011 -
2 Sep 2012
7520 The Austenasian Constitution of 2011 is adopted, with Esmond III removed from the thrones of Austenasia and Rushymia (20 September). Declan I annexes Orly as a constituent country of the United Kingdom of New Wessex (14 January), and assumes the title Shahanshah of the Carshalton Realms (12 May).
3 Sep 2012 -
1 Sep 2013
7521 Declan I abdicates, and is succeeded as Emperor of Austenasia and King of Rushymia by Jonathan I (20 January). Thanasia is founded as a new Austenasian Town (14 May 2013). The Liberation of Orly takes place, with the Grove and Copan becoming independent states under Austenasian suzerainty, Calum I returning to the throne of the Grove, and Emma I being appointed Queen of Copan (24 June).
2 Sep 2013 -
7 Sep 2014
7522 Copan is hit by severe flooding (January-May), and Emma I is formally crowned Queen of Copan in Beddington Park (2 April). The Zone is claimed for Renasia (28 June).
8 Sep 2014 -
6 Sep 2015
7 Sep 2015-
4 Sep 2016
7524 The Principality of Wildflower Meadows is founded, although initially it only claims land from Cheshire (12 May).
5 Sep 2016-
3 Sep 2017
7525 Wildflower Meadows claims Wandleside (6 November) and Forestedge (14 April). Zephyria and Thanasia are dissolved (14 June).
4 Sep 2017 -
2 Sep 2018
7526 Jonathan I renames the title Shahanshah of the Carshalton Nations to Great King in Carshalton (30 September 2017). The Kingdom of Rushymia is re-established as an Austenasian Crown Dependency (29 August).
3 Sep 2018 -
1 Sep 2019
2 Sep 2019 -
6 Sep 2020
7 Sep 2020 -
5 Sep 2021
6 Sep 2021 -
4 Sep 2022
5 Sep 2022-
3 Sep 2023
7531 The Wedding of Jonathan I and Princess Hannah takes place (5, 7 November).

Year groups