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The Infants was the generic name given to all pupils in Key Stage 1 at the school at which Rushymia and the Midget Empire were based. The Infants inhabited a smaller playground to the one inhabited by the two aforementioned micronations.

In the summer (May, June or July) of 1998, King Alex the Great of Rushymia sent a mission to the Infants' Playground comprising of Ferengool, General James, and some guards. The leading pupils of the Infants were gathered together and made to swear an oath of allegiance and subordination to King Alex - although the Infants were not made part of Rushymia, King Alex thus became the only leader based in the Juniors' Playground to ever meaningfully extend his power to that of the Infants'. A second, follow-up mission was sent by Alex in the spring (March, April or May) of 2000, getting the Infants to re-pledge their allegiance - this mission was encountered by the future Midget Master Jonathan, who was at that time in Reception year.

Midget Master Daniel (I), Midget Master Jonathan (II), Midget Fuhrer Thomas IV and the majority of Midget leaders were in a school year which inhabited the Infants' Playground between September 1999 and July 2002. Midget Master Caroline III was in the Infants' Playground between September 2002 and July 2005.

In late June or early July 2006, Midget Master Jonathan sent two elite Midget soldiers to the Infants' Playground to inform the Infants of the Midget Empire - this was part of an extensive effort by the Midget Master to ensure in as many ways as possible that the Midgets would be remembered should (as was the case) the Midget Empire fall upon his departure. The last pupils to have encountered this Midget mission to the Infants, and therefore the last pupils at the school to have had any physical contact with the Midget Empire, left the school on 20 July 2012.