Skipping Rope Gang

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The Skipping Rope Gang was a large gang based around the Quiet Area Pathway which existed during the time of the Midget Empire. Comprised mostly of girls, when the Midgets entered the Playground in September 2002 the gang inhabited both the Upper Playground and Quiet Area Pathway - a huge amount of territory which would be unmatched by any other gang until the rapid expansion of the Midget Empire in 2005.

A gang of Yr. 5s invaded and occupied a large amount of the Upper Playground in May 2003, resulting in many members of the Skipping Rope Gang being forced to migrate to the Lower Playground, breaking away and forming the Girly Gang. This Upper Playground land became and stayed Yr. 5 territory until February 2005, when some Yr. 4s pushed out a lot of the Yr. 5s, meaning that the Skipping Rope Gang could retake a lot of their former territory.

In June 2005, Midget Master Jonathan (II) went with Commander Thomas to lead an attack on the Skipping Rope Gang. While the attack itself did not ultimately take place, the attempt greatly increased the Midget Empire's size, as the entire Patioed Pathway had been conquered with hardly any resistance to forge a route to the Quiet Area Pathway. In April 2006, the Skipping Rope Gang's land was greatly reduced as Thomas successfully conquered the Quiet Area Pathway at the same time that some Yr. 4s and 6s took over a large proportion of their Upper Playground land, resulting in the remnants of the Skipping Rope Gang being confined to a small "rump state" in the Upper Playground. In May 2006, Midget Master Jonathan conquered the remnants of the Skipping Rope Gang in the War of the Upper Playground.

On 30 December 2009, Midget Master Caroline III issued a formal apology "for the hostile actions taken against... [the Skipping Rope Gang] by the Midget Army in April and May 2006".