Midget Civil War

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Midget Civil War
DateMarch 2003
The Midget Base, the Rebel Side
 • Midget Empire
 • Small group of Invaders
 • New And Improved Midgets
Commanders and leaders
 • Midget Master Daniel (I)
 • Yr. 4 girl
 • "Midget Master" Charlie
 • Mitchell of the New And Improved Midgets



The Midget Civil War was a conflict that took place in March 2003, between the Midget Army and the break-away New And Improved Midgets.


Sometime in March 2003, a leadership dispute broke out in the Midget Army. Two factions emerged - one supporting Midget Master Daniel and his loyal commanders, Gregory and Jonathan, and the other supporting two commanders called Charlie and Mitchell. The rebelling faction proclaimed Charlie the Midget Master, but after a short battle were driven out of the Midget Base. They regrouped on the other side of the Music Hut, which from then on was known as the Rebel Side. Midget Master Charlie then proclaimed his faction the "New And Improved" Midgets, and after forcing out some Invaders from the Rebel Side claimed the Midget Empire as his own and declared war on Daniel's Midget Army. Mitchell, Charlie's second in command, gave out pencils among the New And Improved Midgets to use as weapons. Jonathan found this out through spying on them and reported it to Midget Master Daniel, who decided on a pre-emptive strike.

Midget Master Daniel, Gregory and Jonathan personally lead the force of roughly four other Midget Army members against the eight or so New And Improved Midget members. The attack began, with the Midget Army soldiers throwing fistfulls of sand from the Midget Base at the New And Improved Midgets. After the sand ran out however, they were chased back into the Midget Base by the New And Improved Midgets, were a battle was fought - sand against pencil. Eventually, the New And Improved Midgets started to retreat one by one as their school uniform got too dirty. Charlie and Mitchell were captured and forced to kneel before Midget Master Daniel. Their pencils were broken and buried in the sand, and they were made to promise that they recognised Daniel as the true Midget Master. Charlie then also had to promise that he would never attack the Midget Base again. They were then allowed to go.


Charlie may have promised to never attack the Midget Base again, but Mitchell hadn't. He recruited more members to the New And Improved Midgets with the intention of continuing the war, but was ousted from power by a boy called Jack, who remoulded the New And Improved Midgets into the Word Life Gang, a future powerful ally of the Midget Army. After defeating the New And Improved Midgets, the Midget Empire claimed the Rebel Side, but did not occupy it soon enough to prevent the Push Bench Gang from occupying it instead, leading to the Battle of the Push Bench Gang.