New And Improved Midgets

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The "New And Improved" Midgets were a group which broke away from the Midget Army in March 2003. Led by a commander named Charlie, they declared him Midget Master in opposition to the incumbent Daniel (I), starting the Midget Civil War. Upon this declaration they were driven out of the Midget Base into what henceforth was known as the Rebel Side.

Midget Master Charlie's deputy, Mitchell, gave out pencils to the New And Improved Midgets to use as weapons. The Midget Army discovered this and launched a pre-emptive strike, hoping to defeat the New And Improved Midgets by using the element of surpise. However, the Midget Army attacked using their traditional weapon of dust from the ground of the Midget Base; the ground of the Rebel Side was hardened due to being under the shadow of the Music Hut, and so had no dust to throw once their initial handfulls ran out. The Midget Army retreated back to the Midget Base, where they were attacked by the New and Improved Midgets. A battle of dust versus pencils followed, in which the Midget Army was victorious, driving out the New And Improved Midgets but capturing Charlie and Mitchell, both of whom recognised Daniel as sole Midget Master.

Some of the New And Improved Midgets rejoined the Midget Army, and others joined the Footballers. The remainder of the scattered New And Improved Midgets were gathered back together by Mitchell after the Midget Civil War with the intention of again attacking the Midget Army, but this was an unpopular goal and Mitchell was overthrown by a member of the group named Jack. Jack relinquished any claim to the Midget Empire, and transitioned the New and Improved Midgets into the Word Life Gang.