First Boys vs Girls War

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First Boys vs Girls War
DateMay 2003 - 15 March 2004
  • Victory for the Midget Empire and Word Life Gang
  • Rebel Side reconquered by the Word Life Gang
  • Expansion of the Midget Empire into the Lower Playground
  • Dissolution of the Girly Gang
Midget Empire
Word Life Gang
Girly Gang
Lower Playgrounders
Commanders and leaders
-Midget Master Daniel (I)
-Commander Jonathan
-Jack of the Word Life Gang

The First Boys vs Girls War was a military conflict fought by the Girly Gang against the Midget Empire and Word Life Gang between 2003 and 2004. It ended in the defeat of the Girly Gang in the First Battle of the Grove.


By the end of April 2003, the Midget Empire controlled the Midget Base while their allies the Word Life Gang controlled the Rebel Side. The Midget Base and Rebel Side were two corners of the Playground which were separated by the Music Hut and only accessible (other than by travelling behind the Music Hut, forbidden by the school staff) by travelling through the Lower Playground, neutral territory inhabited by small gangs and some of the nomadic Invaders.

In May 2003, the vast territories of the Skipping Rope Gang were invaded by a group of Yr. 5s. A large group of girls were forced from their land and migrated north-east from the Upper Playground to the relatively sparsely populated region of the Lower Playground.


Settling at first in the Lower Playground, the Girly Gang soon also occupied part of the Rebel Side, bringing them into direct conflict with the Word Life Gang. Midget Commander Jonathan suggested to Midget Master Daniel that the Midget Empire help the Word Life Gang defeat the Girly Gang, as should the Word Life Gang be defeated the Girly Gang would be free to turn their might against the isolated Midgets. A request for help also came from the Word Life Gang, mere minutes after Midget Master Daniel received a report of a border skirmish between Midget troops and members of the Girly Gang - he therefore declared that the Midget Empire was at war with the Girly Gang.

The Girly Gang soon replaced the Invaders as the greatest threat to the Midget Empire. The huge gang often engaged in skirmishes with the Midget Army and Word Life Gang, and although never victorious, often came close to driving one of the allied armies back when they fought separately. The Girly Gang was sometimes helped by allied groups from the Lower Playground, especially when the Migdget Army or Word Life Gang was able to advance into the Lower Playground. By November or December 2003, the skirmishes became a lot more sporadic, with neither side having made any lasting or significant advances since the start of the conflict.

The war was decided outside of the Playground, in the First Battle of the Grove on 15 March 2004. The whole of Yr. 4 (in which the Word Life Gang, Girly Gang, and the majority of the Midget Army were) had gone on a school trip, stopping for lunch in modern-day Orly. A battle was fought there, with the Girly Gang surrendering after being trapped between the majority of the Word Life Gang and a base constructed by the Midget Army out of trees and bushes.


The Girly Gang were first made to promise to never attack the Midget Empire or Word Life Gang again. They then were made to agree to withdraw from the Rebel Side, allowing the Word Life Gang to resettle in it, and cede to the Midget Empire the half of their territory in the Lower Playground closest to the Midget Base. This left the Girly Gang with nothing more than a small area of the Lower Playground, and they soon migrated back to the Upper Playground, reintegrating into the Skipping Rope Gang.

The Word Life Gang decided to disband soon after the Girly Gang was defeated, leaving their territory to the Midget Empire and joining the Footballers. The effective dissolution of the Invaders one or two months later removed the final obstacle to the rapid expansion that the Midget Empire would see under Midget Master Jonathan (II).