Push Bench Gang

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The Push Bench Gang was a group of mostly girls which came into conflict with the Midget Empire and Word Life Gang in April 2003. Their name was derived from a ritual they partook in, in which as many of them as possible would stand on a bench roughly a square metre in diameter and try to push each other off whilst screaming hysterically.

Roughly a dozen in number, the Push Bench Gang settled in the Rebel Side in the immediate aftermath of the Midget Civil War - the New And Improved Midgets (the former residents of that territory) had been disbanded, and the Midget Army had not yet taken over the land of their former enemies. The origins of the Push Bench Gang are unknown - they were either a break-away group of the Skipping Rope Gang which had migrated across the Playground, or an independent gang of Yr. 3s who had taken on a distinct cultural identity.

The Push Bench Gang refused to leave their newly settled land when requested to by Midget Master Daniel, and so the Midget Army attacked the Rebel Side along with the Word Life Gang (the successors to the New And Improved Midgets, who also claimed the land). The Battle of the Push Bench Gang ended in a decisive victory for the Midgets and Word Life Gang, who divided the Rebel Side out between them. The defeated Push Bench Gang then migrated back across the Playground, disbanded and merged with the Skipping Rope Gang, Girly Gang, and Quietarians.