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General James was in many ways the founder of Rushymia (and by extension the Carshalton Nations), recruiting the Playground's first military force, the Army that went on to become the central component of Rushymia under Ferengool and King Billy.

In October 1995, James recruited an army of which he was named General, and used it to subdue the Bullies that had been intimidating the pupils over the past months. After winning a large battle against the Bullies after which they all surrendered and either peacefully joined the Footballers or were recruited into his own army, he became confident that the army would disband itself now victory had been achieved. However, Ferengool (a nickname), fearing the Bullies would return to power without a force to keep order, seized control of the army and declared himself Warlord of the Playground. James was removed from power, but allowed to keep his rank of General, albeit with it being recognised as an inferior title to that of Warlord. James was nearly always kept under constant supervision in the Quiet Area during Ferengool's rule.

In September 1996, Ferengool appointed Billy to the rank of General. Unlike James' title however, Billy's came with the responsibility of the day to day running of Rushymia. In June 1997, Billy overthrew Ferengool, but it is unclear what happened to James. He was most likely released from confinement in the Quiet Area, as in September later that year he was arrested immediately following Billy's coronation as King as the new monarch became paranoid about any possible threats to his new supreme power.

James witnessed the battle between Billy and Alex in December 1997, and was freed by King Alex later that day. James was given power by Alex over Rushymia's military, charged with leading the provincial Commanders and with raising an elite Rushymian force tied down to no specific province.

In July 1999, James left the school, and was succeeded as General of Rushymia by an unknown provincial Commander in Yr. 6 the following academic year.

General James
Born: 1987/88
Rushymian titles
Preceded by
Position established
General of Rushymia
October 1995 - July 1999
with Billy of Rushymia (Sep 1996 - Dec 1997)
Succeeded by
Title next held by unknown Yr.6 Commander