Invasion of the Quiet Area

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Invasion of the Quiet Area
Date1 October 2003
Result Status quo ante bellum - stalemate

Word Life Gang

Midget Army


Yr. 6 gang
Commanders and leaders

Jack of the Word Life Gang

Commander Jonathan
~12 ~25

The Invasion of the Quiet Area was an ultimately unsuccessful attack by the Word Life Gang (reinforced by and on behalf of the Midget Army) on the Quiet Area which took place in October 2003.

Midget Master Daniel (I) ordered Commander Jonathan to conquer the Quiet Area, to use as a new base and to gain access to the Bottle of King Alex, lodged high in the fence bordering the Quiet Area. Jonathan enlisted the help of the Word Life Gang and organised an invasion. Jack (leader of the Word Life Gang), leading a small joint force of Word Life Gang and Midget Army troops, travelled to the Quiet Area Pathway with handfuls of sand from the Midget Base. Likewise, Jonathan travelled to the entrance of the Quiet Area with the majority of the Word Life Gang force, together with a few Midget soldiers, also with handfuls of sand to use.

When he was sure that Jonathan's force had got into place, Jack and his force began to scale the walls of the Quiet Area. They then leapt over the side and began to attack the Quietarians. When Jonathan saw this, he lead the charge into the Quiet Area and helped them. A short battle ensued, with the sand fast running out and Jack's force then resorting to intimidation tactics. The allies were badly outnumbered, and this was made worse when a group of Yr. 6s arrived to help the Quietarians - however, they stood their ground and were not forced back. When it became clear that the attack had lost its impetus and no further advances would be made, Jack sounded the retreat and the allied army stopped fighting and left peacefully.

On 30 December 2009, Midget Master Caroline III issued a formal apology "for the hostile actions taken against... [the Quietarians] by the Midget Army in October 2003".