Rushymian Commanders

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Commander was the title given to the head of the military in each province in Rushymia under King Alex. Commanders were appointed by the King and tasked with recruiting and leading a garrison for their province, under the command of the General of Rushymia.

In December 1997 the kingdom was divided into eight provinces under Alex; these are traditionally thought to have been the Quiet Area, Football Pitch, Music Hut (comprising what would one day become known as the Midget Base and Rebel Side), Patioed Pathway, Quiet Area Pathway, Lower Playground, Middle Playground and Upper Playground (the last two known collectively as the Upper Playground under the Midget Empire). The area known as the Line under the Midget Empire may have been included in the Patioed Pathway, Lower Playground or Music Hut provinces, or split between some or all of the three. The King appointed commanders for each province except for the Quiet Area, in which he himself held the office, and the Football Pitch, in which the Footballers were permitted to elect their own commander.

Although the Disciples of Ferengool directed the administration of Rushymia for a short time after King Alex left the school, Rushymia collapsed in late September 2000. No commanders were then appointed until a new King of Rushymia took the throne (see below), but the administrative structure of the Midget Empire was based to a large extent on that of Rushymia due to the stories about the kingdom being passed down.

On 23 November 2010, Esmond III (having resurrected and assumed the title King of Rushymia the previous month) issued the Edict of Stanley Park, creating a national flag for the revived Rushymia and appointing several people commanders in Rushymia as titular honours. He notably did not appoint a Commander of the Quiet Area or Commander of the Footballers, assuming the former title himself and declaring that only the Footballers themselves could elect the latter. The edict stated that the new commanders would hold office until 23 July 2014, a date roughly around the same time that they would have left Rushy Meadow (the school Rushymia was based in) should they have joined KS2 in the school term Esmond III made the edict. Esmond's successor Jonathan I appointed successors to these commanders in September 2014, as if the school summer holidays had passed since 23 July, again with the provision that they would be in office for four years. The terms of these Commanders expired in July 2018, and no new appointments were made. The following month, with the re-establishment of Rushymia as a territorial entity, Jonathan I explicitly renounced any claims to the former territories which the commanders had their positions named after.

Term Commander of the
Music Hut
Commander of the
Patioed Pathway
Commander of the
Quiet Area Pathway
Commander of the
Lower Playground
Commander of the
Middle Playground
Commander of the
Upper Playground
Dec 1997 -
Sep 2000
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sep 2000 -
23 Nov 2010
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
23 Nov 2010 -
23 Jul 2014
Lord Timothy, KOM, KPP Frances of New Wessex
(until 20 September 2013)
HIH Countess Eritoshi of Memphis
(from 20 September 2013)
HIH Emperor Father Terrry HIH Crown Princess Caroline Midget Fuhrer Thomas Daniel Morris
(until 20 May 2012)
Lady Strawberry Thanasi, Baroness of Thanasia
(from 20 September 2013)
8 Sep 2014 -
23 Jul 2018
Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola Dame Petya d'Égtavie, KCA HIll.H Countess Eritoshi of Memphis HIH Emperor Mother Margaret HIH Emperor Father Terry HIH Crown Princess Caroline