Warlord of the Playground

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Warlord of the Playground

since 31 October 2017
Inaugural holderFerengool
FormationOctober 1995

The Warlord of the Playground was the title used by Ferengool to denote his leadership of Rushymia. Ferengool created this title in October 1995 when he deposed General James and took over leadership of the army that in some ways went on to become the Rushymian nation.

In September 1996, Ferengool appointed his second-in-command, Billy, to the rank of General. From then on, Billy ran the nation, although Ferengool as Warlord was acknowledged as Billy's titular superior.

In June 1997, Billy deposed Ferengool and assumed full control of Rushymia. He took Ferengool's title of Warlord, but continued to be addressed as General, having decreed that the title of General now outranked that of Warlord. Billy retained both titles when he became King of Rushymia, and when he was succeeded by King Alex the Great, Alex became the new Warlord.

In July 2000, King Alex had to abdicate as he was leaving the school. This resulted in an interregnum (see King of Rushymia), but Alex had decreed before he left the school that the next person to control more than half of the Playground could assume the empty title of Warlord. This was Midget Master Jonathan, who in June 2005 conquered the Patioed Pathway, expanding the Midget Empire to cover more than half of the Playground.

In light of this, the Midget Master resurrected and assumed the title Warlord of the Playground. However, in September 2005 a coup took place against the Midget Master, led by Commander Gregory, a high-ranking Midget officer. To avert civil war, the Midget Master made several power-sharing concessions, one of which was the granting of his title Warlord of the Playground to Commander (now Sir) Gregory, who held the title until April 2012. By then, the Emperor of Austenasia had become King of Rushymia, and unified the title of Warlord with the position of Austenasian Magister Militum, to be nominally held ex officio by the holder of that rank. In October 2017, the title of Warlord was divorced from that of Magister Militum in preparation for the restoration of Rushymia as a territorial entity.

List of Warlords

Name Warlord from Warlord to Notes
Ferengool October 1995 June 1997 Created the title of Warlord to denote the "head of state" of Rushymia. Actual leadership was exercised by Billy from September 1996.
Billy of Rushymia June 1997 December 1997 Upon Billy's deposition of Ferengool, the title of Warlord was subordinated to that of General, but used to indicate which of the two (General James continuing to nominally hold the latter rank) held actual power.
Alex of Rushymia December 1997 July 2000 Upon Alex's deposition of Billy, the title of Warlord was merged with the crown.
Vacant July 2000 June 2005 Title could only be held by the next person to control "most of the Playground" as per the bequest of Alex.
Midget Master Jonathan (II) June 2005 September 2005 Resurrected title after conquering the Patioed Pathway, therefore putting more than half of the provinces of the Playground under the Midget Empire.
Sir Gregory Allen, KOM September 2005 13 April 2012 Granted title by Jonathan (II) after the Second Midget Coup as a gesture confirming the new power-sharing arrangement he was now a part of. Title held nominally from July 2006 after he left the school.
Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria 13 April 2012 31 October 2017 Title unified with the position of Austenasian Magister Militum; title held nominally. Lost position upon the passage of the Rushymia Act 2017, in preparation for Rushymia being restored as a territorial entity.