Centuria II Ruscimiae

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Centuria II Ruscimiae
Active 2002–2006, 2009-2020
Country Midget Empire (2002 - 2006)
Midget Nation-in-Exile (2009 - 2011)
Empire of Austenasia (2011 - 2020)
Size 6
Anniversaries 9 September 2002, 30 December 2009
Engagements Invader Attacks
Midget Civil War
Battle of the Push Bench Gang
Invasion of the Quiet Area
First Boys vs Girls War
Second Boys vs Girls War
War of the Midget Hunters
War of Muschamp Alley
Quiet Area Rebellion
War of the Upper Playground
Austenasian Civil War
War of the Orlian Reunification
Centurion Centurion Sir Thomas C.

Centuria II Ruscimiae, formerly known as the Midget Army and Centuria II Midgetae, was a century of the Austenasian Army and part of Cohors I Theodosia. The century was the direct successor to the Midget Army, which served as the military and core population group of the Midget Empire and Midget Nation-in-Exile between 2002 and 2011. With the annexation of the Midget Nation into the Empire of Austenasia on 9 April 2011, the Midget Army was integrated into the Austenasian Army and renamed Centuria II Midgetae, and later renamed again to its final name on 1 January 2020 before being dissolved alongside the Austenasian Army as a whole on 17 June 2020.


Midget Empire

The Midget Army was founded on 9 September 2002 along with the Midget Empire by the first Midget Master, Daniel. Claiming an area which they named the Midget Base in the playground of a local school, for roughly a year and a half after their formation the Midget Army came under constant attack by a group known only as the Invaders, who claimed the same land as the Midgets. After enduring a civil war, emerging victorious from a war with a powerful group known as the Girly Gang, and successfully repulsing the Invaders, the Midget Army emerged as the dominant power in the Playground.

In September 2004, Midget Master Jonathan became the new leader of the Midget Army. Under his rule, despite two coups and power-sharing agreements resulting in a triumvirate by the end of his reign, the Midget Empire expanded until it held jurisdiction over the entire Playground, excepting the Football Pitch, the inhabitants of which the Midget Army held an alliance with. During this time, the Midget Army not only defeated their greatest enemy yet when a huge number of rebels (who named themselves the Midget Hunters) simultaneously revolted in a co-ordinated revolution, but also achieved victory against the forces of another school, Muschamp, in a war over an alleyway near to that school.

On 31 July 2006, Midget Master Jonathan abdicated. His sister, Caroline, became the new Midget Master, but her rule was ineffective and within weeks of the return to the school after the summer holidays, the Midget Empire was rapidly collapsing. Very little is known about this time, but it is assumed that the "civilian" infrastructure of the Midget Empire fell first, while the remaining units of the Midget Army, now autonomous, gradually deserted and disbanded. Some may have recruited others in younger years of the school as they moved up, but this is unknown and, in all probability, unlikely.

Midget Nation-in-Exile

On 30 December 2009, Midget Master Caroline III finally issued a decree as Midget Master, after she had left the school and the Midget Empire was all but a memory - optimistically assuming that there were still some garrisons of the Midget Army left in direct succession from the original, these were disbanded: the Midget Empire relinquished all territorial claims, and was transitioned into the Midget Nation-in-Exile. During the remainder of her reign, Caroline III issued some orders creating a more regulated ranking system, but no new soldiers were actually recruited.

On 4 February 2010, the former Midget Master Jonathan II asked Caroline III to step down in favour of Thomas, a former commander in the Midget Empire. Caroline agreed, and Thomas immediately got to work rebuilding the Midget Army, appointing Jonathan (by then the Crown Prince of Austenasia) a General and charging him with recruiting a new soldiers for the Midget Army. This he did so, but by the outbreak of the Austenasian Civil War, only three soldiers had been recruited. Thomas IV took sides in the Austenasian Civil War, having the Midget Army support the legitimate Emperor, Esmond III. The Esmondians won the war, although the Midget Army saw no actual fighting, and the Midget Nation-in-Exile became a de facto vassal state of the Empire of Austenasia.

On 9 December 2010, the War of the Orlian Reunification broke out as the competing ambitions of Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia and King Declan I of Wilcsland and Copan, which had previously been somewhat of a friendly rivalry, finally came to a head after Declan I reunified the Kingdom of the Grove with the Kingdom of Copan to make the Tsardom of Orly, creating a nation extremely close to Austenasia that rejected the suzerainty of Esmond III. Thomas IV surprisingly supported Declan I against Esmond III, having been persuaded by Crown Prince Jonathan to do so in order to further his plan to decrease the influence of Esmond III, the war having been planned and orchestrated by the former. On 19 December 2010, the Midget Army threatened to attack the Austenasian capital of Wrythe, giving an excuse for Crown Prince Jonathan to surrender Wrythe and have the Austenasian Government declare peace and appoint Declan I, who had been named titular Midget Master a few days previously, the joint Emperor of Austenasia. With the end of the war, Declan I, II & V had become overlord of the Carshalton Nations, replacing Esmond III in every respect.

Empire of Austenasia

On 9 April 2011, Emperor Declan I gave Imperial Consent to an Act of Parliament that annexed the Midget Nation-in-Exile into the Empire of Austenasia. The title of Midget Master was united with the Throne of Austenasia, the independent government of the Nation-in-Exile was dissolved, and the Midget Army was renamed Centuria II Midgetae becoming a unit of the Austenasian Army. It was further renamed to its current designation of Centuria II Ruscimiae on 1 January 2020, to avoid any confusion or offence resulting from the unrelated use of "midget" as a pejorative term. The century was finally dissolved on 17 June 2020 alongside the Austenasian Army as a whole.

Centuria II Ruscimiae did not see any active combat while serving as part of the Austenasian Army, but did annex The Zone for the Free State of Renasia by order of the Emperor on 28 June 2014.


While fighting for the Midget Empire, the Midget Army developed a wide range of tactics. The most common form of attack was "intimidation tactics"; simply put, soldiers would charge at an enemy shouting "Midget Attack!", usually causing them to retreat. If the enemy did not retreat, the soldiers would make threatening advances in an attempt to intimidate them into backing away. When situated in the Midget Base, soldiers would pick up fistfulls of sand from the ground of the non-paved area and throw it at the enemy. This sand could be transported in small amounts, and could be used in conjunction with intimidation tactics by throwing it while charging. After the War of the Midget Hunters, the Midgets had access to a bush in the Quiet Area the berries of which left red stains on clothing if thrown - known as "blood berries", these were an effective weapon, as their ability to stain school uniform was known and feared. Physical contact was rarely used by the Midget Army, as it risked having the staff of the school at which the Midget Empire was based intervene - some notable exceptions were during the First Battle of the Grove and War of the Midget Hunters (when both sides using intimidation tactic charges resulted in some wrestling) and the Quiet Area Rebellion (when Midget soldiers were attacked by having sticks and stones thrown at them and had to use themselves as human shields to protect the Midget Master).


  • 9 September 2002 - 6 September 2004: Midget Master Daniel (I)
  • 6 September 2004 - 31 July 2006: Midget Master Jonathan (II)
  • 31 July 2006 - 4 February 2010: Midget Master Caroline III (nominal command)
  • 4 February 2010 – 17 June 2020: Centurion Sir Thomas C., KCA, KCP (known as "Midget Fuhrer Thomas" until 1 January 2020)

Battle Honours