The Zone (Renasia)

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The Zone
Eponymous graffiti at the entrance to the Zone.
Country FSRenFlag.png Free State of Renasia
Founded 28 June 2014
 - Chancellor of Renasia Kuri Kabanov
 - Total 7.087e-3 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 0
Time zone UTC
 - Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)

The Zone was a land claim of the Free State of Renasia which consisted of a corner of Poulter Park in Carshalton. The name of the territory was derived from graffiti on a gate on the border.

Chancellor Kuri Kabanov of Renasia engaged in discussions with Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia during June 2014, during which it was agreed that in order to strengthen relations between the two states, the latter would annex an area of land in Carshalton to Renasia. On 28 June 2014, a detachment from Centuria II Midgetae led by the Emperor occupied a corner of Poulter Park in Carshalton and declared Renasian sovereignty over it at precisely 11:09, naming it the Zone.

Due to the distance of the Zone from other Renasian claims and population centres, it was never visited by any Renasian officials during its time as part of the nation. Renasia collapsed in early 2015, a state of affairs which was officially recognised by Austenasia on 12 June, just under a year since the Zone's annexation. Despite its proximity to Austenasia, the Zone has since been allowed to fall quietly back under British sovereignty.