Midget Nation-in-Exile

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Midget Nation-in-Exile
Motto: Midget Attack!
CapitalNew Midget Base (nominal claim)
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Caroline III (2009-10)
Thomas IV (2010)
Declan V (2010-11)
Establishment9 September 2002
Midget Empire founded
30 December 2009
Nation-in-Exile declared
9 April 2011
Annexed by Austenasia
• Census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Midget Empire
Empire of Austenasia

The Midget Nation-in-Exile was the name given to the government-in-exile and military remnants of the Midget Empire, until it united with the Empire of Austenasia as the army unit Centuria II Midgetae in April 2011.



The Midget Empire was a non-sovereign stratocratic micronation based in a London primary school from September 2002 to July 2006. In July 2006, Midget Master Jonathan (II) left the school, meaning that the title of Midget Master (military dictator of the Midgets) passed to his younger sister, Caroline. Although she was at the school for three more years after her brother left, Midget Master Caroline III did not run the Empire. The command system was extremely centralised on the Midget Master - with her unwilling to rule and most of the other leaders having left at the same time as Midget Master Jonathan II, the Midget Empire quickly fell apart after Midget Master Caroline III returned to rule after the school's summer holidays in September 2006.

At 19:03 GMT on 30 December 2009, five months after leaving the school herself, Midget Master Caroline III made her first ever three Decrees as Midget Master. While the first formally established the title of Midget Master as a hereditary absolute monarch, the second withdrew all territorial claims of the Midget Empire and formally disbanded all garrisons and their Commanders (which were still nominally under instruction to rule over different parts of the Playground). The Third Decree renamed the Midget Empire the Midget Nation-in-Exile, reaffirmed the Midget Master's absolute power, and issued formal apologies to all the victims of the Midget Empire's aggressive expansionist policy.


At 18:00 on 4 February 2010, Midget Master Caroline III abdicated in favour of a former Commander in the Midget Empire, Thomas. He became the new ruler of the Nation-in-Exile, Midget Fuhrer Thomas IV ("Fuhrer" being used in the context of "dictatorial leader", not as a specifically Nazi or fascist title).

The Midget Nation-in-Exile entered the Austenasian Civil War on 7 March 2010, supporting the legitimate Austenasian government. This was the first time that the Midget Army had been at war since the War of the Upper Playground in 2006, although it took part in none of the battles of the war.

After victory in the Austenasian Civil War, later that year the Nation-in-Exile went to war again, this time against the Austenasian government, in the orchestrated War of the Orlian Reunification. During the war, the Midget Army named Declan I of Wilcsland as the Fifth Midget Master, deposing Thomas as Midget Master but allowing him to continue to use the title and powers of Midget Fuhrer as the Midget Master's viceroy. The Midget Army played a decisive role in this war, being the force to which Crown Prince Jonathan surrendered the Austenasian capital to in the Fall of Wrythe.

Union with Austenasia

On 9 April 2011, Declan I, II & V, Fifth Midget Master and Emperor of Austenasia, gave Imperial Consent to an Austenasian Act of Parliament which dissolved the independent government of the Midget Nation-in-Exile, transitioned the Midget Army into a military unit of the Austenasian Army, and united the title and office of Midget Master with the Throne of Austenasia. Since then, the Midget Nation has not existed an independent nation, but rather as a part of the Austenasian Army.


The Midget Nation-in-Exile was an absolute monarchy, ruled by the Midget Master. After Declan V was elected Midget Master, the Midget Army itself was led by the Midget Fuhrer, an office similar to viceroy or field marshal. The Midget Masters' regnal numbering denotes the order the Midget Masters ruled in, not how many of that name have been Midget Master. Declan V was the fifth Midget Master and so has the ordinal of V, even though there have been no previous Midget Masters of that name.


The Midget Master usually ruled by decrees. (All of the decrees of Midget Master Daniel I and of Midget Master Jonathan II have been lost as they were never written down).

Decrees of Midget Master Caroline III

Decrees of Midget Fuhrer Thomas IV

Decrees of Midget Master Declan V

Foreign relations

The Midget Nation-in-Exile attempted to build up its diplomatic relations after nearly three and a half years of dormancy and isolation, and succeeded in establishing many friendly relations and alliances. These were all declared null and void when the Midget Nation united with Austenasia on 9 April 2011 (however, due to the dissolution of an Eternal Alliance needing the consent of both parties, the Empire of Austenasia is now technically allied with the Footballers of Rushy Meadow).

Eternal Alliances

An eternal alliance was an agreement between the Midgets and another nation to help each other in all military and political situations possible, and will literally last forever between both nation's successor states unless both agree to end it. The Midget Nation-in-Exile had eternal alliances with:


An alliance was an agreement between the Midget Nation-in-Exile and another nation to help each other when they go to war and to aid each other when possible in international affairs. At the time of the union with Austenasia, the Midget Nation-in-Exile had alliances with:


If the Midget Nation-in-Exile has a friendship with another nation, then they will defend it if they get attacked, and will help it when possible in international affairs. At the time of the union with Austenasia, the Midget Nation-in-Exile had friendships with:


If the Midget Nation-in-Exile was an enemy towards another nation, then they would attempt to act against the enemy's national interest whenever possible in international affairs, and would display open hostility towards the nation and its members in all international and domestic affairs. At the time of the union with Austenasia, the Midget Nation-in-Exile was enemies with:

State of War

The Midget Nation-in-Exile was only in a state of war twice throughout its history: