Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay

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Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay
Samanian: Caribeehanii Respublik daa Samonu Kaa
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: El Nuevo Mundo es nuevo otra vez.
Anthem:March of the Commandate
Capital: Samana Cay
Largest City: Landrail Point
Language: English, Samanian
Ethnic Groups (2011): Caucasian/White, Black/African, Pacific Islander, Hispanic
Demonym: Samanian
*Prime Minister:
Joseph Wilson
Legislature: National Council
-Republican Constitution:
-July 20, 2008
-August 10, 2008
-March 22, 2010
-March 23, 2010
Area claimed: 232.62 sq. mi. (602.48 sq. km)
Population: 883 (33 Online Citizens)
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Time Zones:
-Daylight Savings Time
EST (UTC -5)
-EDT (UTC -4)
Drives on the: Right
Internet TLD: .cs (proposed)
Website: Official Website
This nation is a member of GUM, the OAM, and the MUSC.


The Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay is a republic in the Bahamas. The country was declared independent on July 20, 2008 by the Samanian Seperation Committee but is no longer active as of 2011 and is not recognised beacause it's head Samana Cay has a population of 0 people.


The nation is located at 23° 5'25.98"N 73°44'22.08"W. The republic in the Bahamas. The main island, Samana Cay, is fairly flat but contains small hills by the capital city of Samana Cay. There are small lakes all over the island. There are three minor islands, one just south of the Capital District and two to the east of the island. These islands are under federal control until further notice. Acklins Island, Crooked Island, and the Plana Cays are newly claimed and have yet to be studied.


Christopher Columbus first named the island Guanahani in 1492, when he discovered the New World. The island has, over the years since colonization, been used as a stop in the Triangle Trade network. The island was part of the Bahamas when they gained independence from Great Britain in 1973. Through its history as a Bahaman island, Samana Cay was never inhabited, but people on Acklins Island visited Samana Cay to collect cascarilla bark. After seeing the potential of the island as an independent nation, the Samanian Separation Committee voted to declare independence on July 20, 2008. A commandate was quickly established, but on March 22, 2010, Samana Cay was switched to a republic in order to create a larger bureaucracy. On July 23, 2010, Samana Cay claimed the three islands around the main island, South Satellite Island (south of Port District), and Urican Island and Eastern Satellite Island (east of Farmer's District). These islands are under the jurisdiction of the federal government until they can be assigned to districts. On November 30, 2011, the government announced claims to Acklins Island, Crooked Island, Long Cay, and the Plana Cays; redistricting followed the next day by the National Council.


Samana Cay has no residents yet, but the intended population, if development plans are followed, would be near 30,000. They do not discriminate by race, sex, or background and holds and open immigration policy.


There are 10 districts. They are Samana Cay, Plana Cays, Long Cay, Penn, Pitt, Major, Colonel Hill, Acklins, Chester, and South.


The largest city in the country is Landrail Point, on Crooked Island. Many more cities are planned to be built on the island of Samana Cay.


Samana Cay has three national parks.

Plana Cays National Park

Both islands of the Plana Cays are part of this park dedicated to undisturbed natural preservation of the Caribbean environment. This park is its own district under the control of the central government.

Heritage National Park

Scattered throughout the islands are ruins of Taino sites from before European contact. These sites are collectively called Heritage National Park.

Three Lakes National Park

This park is the largest in the country. It has three major lakes, a smaller lake, and a beach. It is located in the Samana Cay District.


The economy of Samana Cay includes the exportation of cascarilla bark, fishing, small scale agriculture, and a small manufacturing sector, and a large service industry. Most Samanians work in the service, fishing, or farming industries.


Samana Cay currently recognizes all UN member states, Kosovo, Taiwan (Republic of China), the Holy See, Duiarmia, the Republic of Suidae Freedom, Flandrensis, and all GUM and OAM members. Samana Cay is part of the Grand Unified Micronational and the OAM.

National Militia

Full Article: National Militia of Samana Cay

The National Militia is the national police force for the nation. They do not function as a military but "National Militia" is the official name for the national police. They enforce all national laws, but cannot enforce district laws.


Samana Cay is a member of the Micronational Union of Sport and Culture as of July 12, 2010.


The republic has shown a great interest in bringing this new game to the country. More information on the game can be viewed at: Rukalopta Wikia (Not fully developed) and Rukalopta World Union.


This game is also well known across the country and plans to participate in the MLS (Major League Soccer - USA) by creating a team to have its home in Samana Cay. They also seek FIFA membership.

This game is known to be a favorite of Prime Minister Joseph Wilson.


Samana Cay plans to contribute to the West Indies national cricket team and participate in local leagues.

Postal System

Although Samana Cay is still undeveloped, the government has created a postal system for addresses.

(House #) (Block) City, (District Code)
(Postal Code)


Joseph Wilson
10 Federal Plaza Samana Cay, SC

District Codes

The district codes are two letters that are always capitalized.

  • Samana Cay: SC (0)
  • Penn: PE (1)
  • Long Cay: LC (2)
  • Pitt: PI (3)
  • Colonel Hill: CH (4)
  • Major: MJ (5)
  • Acklins: AK (6)
  • South: SO (7)
  • Chester: CE (8)
  • Plana Cays: PC (9)

Postal Code System

The postal code system works like this: (SC)(District Number)(City Number)(Section Number)

  • SC: always included (for note that the address is in Samana Cay)
  • District Number: 0-9 (see above)
  • City Number: City in which the address is located. This is not the block number. Hinderland is always 0.
  • Section Number: Section of the city. Hinderland always has this number as 1.

Phone Number System

The phone system works like this: 1-___-XXX-XXXX

  • 1: code for NANP (North American Numbering Plan)
  • ___: area code for Samana Cay (yet to be assigned)
  • XXX: first three numbers determine the district
    • Plana Cays: 001-050
    • Government: 051-099
    • Penn: 100-199
    • Colonel Hill: 200-299
    • South: 300-399
    • Long Cay: 400-449
    • Major: 450-499
    • Pitt: 500-599
    • Chester: 600-699
    • South:700-799
    • Samana Cay: 800-899
    • Cell Phones: 900-999
  • XXXX: the individual portion of the phone number that is unique to each phone line

Chain of Command

The chain of command for the Prime Minister office varies by scenario, but only involves Cabinet members and select others.


Aerial Attacks (Biological, Nuclear, etc.)

Marine Attacks (Biological, Nuclear, Submarine, etc.) Civil War or Land/Domestic Attacks Natural Causes, Accidents, Resignation, Impeachment, and other causes Martial Law or all time and Camp Rio Bravo
Dept. Public Transport-Aeronautics Dept. Public Transport-Marine National Militia Dept. of Internal Security National Militia
National Militia National Militia Dept. of Internal Security National Militia Dept. of Internal Security
Dept. Public Transport-Marine Dept. Public Transport-Aeronautics Dept. Public Transport-Aeronautics Dept. Public Transport-Aeronautics Dept. Public Transport-Aeronautics
Dept. of Internal Security Dept. of Internal Security Dept. Public Transport-Marine Dept. Public Transport-Marine Dept. Public Transport-Marine
Agricultural Agency Agricultural Agency Agricultural Agency Agricultural Agency Shadow Members 1-5
Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment -
Shadow Members 1-5 Shadow Members 1-5 Shadow Members 1-5 Shadow Members 1-5 -

Note: For the civil war and land/domestic attack chain, all members who oppose the constitutionally appointed government are skipped in the chain of command.

Related Laws

  • In all cases, persons who move up the chain are the ones who held the position as the event occurs (i.e. If Prime Minister, National Militia, and Dept. of Internal Security are killed in an accident, the new Dept. of Internal Security head or National Militia leader do not take over; the Dept. of Public Transport-Aeronautics does.
  • Loner Clause: For all events in which all members of the chain are present (including Prime Minister), one person on the chain must stay away from the meeting in a safe house to ensure the continuity of government; this does not include shadow members; the "loner" rotates among the positions on each occasion.



Holiday Notes
January 1 New Year's Day First day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.
March 1 Micronation's Day Celebration of micronationalism throughout the world.
April 15 State Holiday Day when all shops, banks, and government offices are closed. A free day off.
June 21 Flag Day Celebrate the flag and all those dedicated to protecting Samana Cay (inc. National Militia). On the day the flag was created.
July 20 Independence Day Date of Samana Cay's founding.
August 26 Founder's Day Celebrating the founders of Samana Cay. On the day of cofounder Joseph Wilson's birthday.
September 1 Labor Day Celebrates the work forces in Samana Cay.
October 12 Columbus Day Celebrates Columbus's landing in the New World. On the day of his landing in the Julian Calendar.
October 30 Settlement Day Celebrates the initial settlement of the Bahamas Islands by the British in 1629. On the day of transfer from King Charles I to Lord Heath.
December 31 New Year's Eve Final day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.

National Symbols

  • National Animal: Dolphin
  • National Plant: Cascarilla Tree
  • National Food: Bluefin Tuna
  • National Sport: Rukalopta


Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay

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National Council | Cabinet | National Militia
Constitution of the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay

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