National Militia of Samana Cay

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The National Militia of the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay is the national police force for the nation. They do not function as a military but "National Militia" is the official name for the national police. They enforce all national laws, but cannot enforce district laws. The commander-in-chief of the National Militia is the Prime Minister. The headquarters of the National Militia is in the northwest of the Capital District, near the federal building complex.

The National Militia was founded in 2010 by Second Constitution of Samana Cay and receives 2.7% of the National GDP each year.

Admission into the National Militia is open to any citizen of Samana Cay over the age of 18. All trainees must pass through the training program at the Police/Fire Academy in Eastern District. Honors graduates are sent immediately to the field, and non-honors graduates are sent to local police departments, with the option of being re-elevated to the National Militia.



Rank Subranks Abbreviation
Commander-in-Chief - CC


Major MG
Brigadier BG
Colonel Lieutenant LC
Major MC
Lieutenant Major ML
Sergeant SL
Major Second Class 2M
First Class 1M
Sergeant Second Class 2S
First Class 1S
Private Second Class 2P
First Class 1P

Private, Sergeant, and Major are considered to be "enlisted". Lieutenant, Colonel, and General are considered officers. Commander-in-chief is considered a commander.


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