Cabinet of Samana Cay

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The Cabinet of Samana Cay is the official advisory group to the Prime Minister of the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay.


The National Council nominates and approves Cabinet members, who are the chief executives of all government agencies. The Cabinet is reappointed every five years with the election of a Prime Minister, with no term limit.


  • Advise the Prime Minister on all issues
  • Run their selected agencies

Cabinet Members

Agency Name Years Notes
Dept. of Public Transport - Aeronautics Division Captain Andy Bringham 2008–present
Dept. of Public Transport - Marine Division Admiral Jakob Carravelli 2010–present
Agricultural Agency Caroline Anderson 2010–present
Dept. of Internal Security Alvaro Fernandez 2010–present
National Militia General Thomas Bringham 2010–present
Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment Drew Hardy 2011–present


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