National Council of Samana Cay

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The National Council of Samana Cay is the chief lawmaking body of the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay.


A candidate must have lived in the district of candidacy for at least two years. Plana Cays District gets one representative nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by the High Court The top two candidates from the main districts win the seats. Councilmen/councilwomen are elected to a three-year term with the possibility of being re-elected once, whether consecutive or not.


  • Debate, create, and vote on laws
  • Approve High Court nominations
  • Vote on citizen applications
  • Approve diplomatic treaties and trade agreements
  • Can be the final decision in a Prime Minister election
  • Choose an election officials company and governs it

Current National Council Members

District Name Years Notes
Samana Cay Joseph Wilson 2010–present
Michael Anderson 2010–present
Pitt Christian Anderson 2010–present
Christiana Mendys 2010–present
Major Andrew Puhalo 2010–present
Brian Wilson 2010–present
Colonel Hill Grace O'Leary 2010–present
Kevin Kennedy 2010–present
Acklins Nick Schwarzer 2010–present
Nick Puhalo 2010–present
Chester Andrea Schwarzer 2010–present
Jose Fernandez 2010–present
Penn Chris Kennedy 2010–present
Patrick O"Leary 2010–present
South To be decided
To be decided
Plana Cays To be decided


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