Samanian Broadcasting Service

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Logo of the SBS
The Samanian Broadcasting Service, or SBS is the main television station of the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay. It is operated by SBS, Inc. and is moderated by the Samana Cay Bureau of Communications.


The SBS is designated channel 18 all over Samana Cay.


The SBS airs the following programs:

  • History of...
  • Wake Up Samanians (Morning News)
  • Samana Cay Nightly News
  • Sports Watch
  • Your Home, But Better (Home Improvement)
  • Politalk (Politics)
  • Around the Globe (Global News)
  • CSI:Oceanside (Crime Drama)
  • Are You Serious? (Comedy)
  • GO! Green (Environmental)
  • Micronational Watchlist (Micronational News)
  • Your Country Starts Today
  • Paid Programming


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