High Court of Samana Cay

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The High Court of Samana Cay is the highest court in all of the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay. It serves as the final stage of the appeals system. All decisions made by the High Court are valid throughout the country.


A candidate for High Court nomination must be a registered lawyer in Samana Cay and must be on a court in the country at the time. A candidate is nominated by the Prime Minister and must be approved in a 2/3 majority by the National Council. A justice serves a life term, but this can be changed by resigning or being impeached.

The Chief Justice is appointed by unanimous decision among High Court justices and must be a current High Court justice. If a decision cannot be reached in 30 days, the Prime Minister chooses the next Chief Justice from the same group.


  • Highest appeals court
  • Determine constitutionality of laws

  • Chief Justice chairs all High Court meetings and court proceedings

High Court Justices

Colored Rows are incumbents.

Names Years Notes
Christina Mendys 2008-2010 Original Justice
Michael Anderson 2008–present First Chief Justice, Original Justice
Andrew Puhalo 2010–present
Brian Wilson 2010–present
Andrea Schwarzer 2010–present
Patrick O'Leary 2010–present
John Mendys 2010–present


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