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The government of the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay is divided into three main branches that are kept in balance by a system of checks and balances. These three sections are the Executive , Judicial , and Council branches.


When Samana Cay was founded on July 20, 2008, the Samanian Separation Committee was the first government of the country. This committee of ten people originally ran the country on all aspects: executive, judicial, and legislative. At this point, the country was called the Kingdom of Samana Cay; the leader of the committee was considered the king, but did not have much more power than the other committee members. Not much was done during this period as this new council had to build the country from the ground up. Much of the framework of Samana Cay was laid down during this period. The committee spent the majority of their time developing a constitution for the country and planning the eventual handover of power to this new government.

On January 1, 2009, the Samanian Separation Committee ceased operations and folded, leaving all power to the new government of the Commandate of Samana Cay. This government was divided into four main leaders: the Head Commander, the First Commander, Second Commander, and Commander-general. The Head Commander was the leader of the entire government and chaired most committees. The First Commander was the second-in-command and, along with the Second Commander, advised the Head Commander. The Commander-general was the leader of diplomatic actions and the military. These four positions created the lawmaking body for the country. A small Cabinet advised this committee on lawmaking decisions. This group also served as the highest court in the country. When Head Commander Joseph Wilson realized that this government was too much of an oligarchy, he decided to form a new government. The four main leaders devised a new constitution based on a republic with three branches and checks and balances. The Commandate of Samana Cay collapsed on March 22, 2010 and control was taken by the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay, with Joseph Wilson as Prime Minister.

Branch Map


Executive Branch

The executive branch is made up of the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet.

The Prime Minister is in charge of appointing justices to the High Court and selecting the Chief Justice when needed. The Prime Minister is also the commander-in-chief of the National Militia and any other military forces sent under Samanian command. The Prime Minister advises the National Council and is the chief diplomat for the nation. The Prime Minister can send a failed bill back to the Council for revote. The Cabinet advises the Prime Minister in all his/her decisions.

The Cabinet is made up of the Department of Public Transport heads in the Marine division and the aeronautics division, the head of the agricultural agency, the director of the Department of Internal Security, and the Highest general of the National Militia.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch is the High Court and its lower appeal courts.

The High Court determines the constitutionality of laws and government actions, in addition to serving as the highest appeal court in the nation. They are the precedent for law enforcement in the country.

The Court consists of 6 justices, one of which is the Chief Justice.

Council Branch

The Council branch is made up of the National Council.

The National Council makes laws for the country, serves as the deciding factor in some Prime Minister elections, and ratifies treaties and justice nominations made by the Prime Minister.

The National Council consists of 18 members, two from every district, except Port and Airport, which send one representative to the Council.


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