Democratic Republic of Zimmerland

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Democratic Republic of Zimmerland
Motto: Motto: In Hoc Signo Vinces
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish, German, Swedish, Esperanto
• Current leader
-Eternal President Carlos Salazar -Prime Minister Paul Urbonas
• Foundation

The Glorious Republic of Zimmerland is a micronation with a population of 33. It is the only English-speaking nation located in Scandinavia.

Current Government

Its current Head of State is Eternal President Carlos Salazar. The current Prime Minister is Paul Urbonas.

Intermicronational Membership

The State of Salazar is currently a member of:

Carlos I of Salazar
Movement of Non-Aligned Micronations Permanent Member
Union of South American Micronations Founding Member/Permanent Member
Intermicronational Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement Founding Member/Permanent Member


The DRZ claims no specific territory as most of its citizens are nomads. However, its main headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

History of People and Culture

The Zimmish people are a nation and an ethnic group originating from the Republic of Zimmerland and its historical predecessor states who share a common Zimmish culture and Zimmish descent. Due to their common history, German-speaking Zimms were historically regarded and understood themselves as Germans but after the integration and assimilation of English, Swedish, and Spanish cultures into Zimmerland, Zimms developed their own distinct identity separated from Germans. During the renaissance the Spanish and English traders, merchants, and artisans established themselves in Upper Zimmerland, leaving a strong influence on the region's culture and language. During the 20th century, Sweden took control of Lower Zimmerland, leaving only Upper Zimmerland. After the dissolution of the Zimmerburg monarchy in 1912, the Republic of Zimmerland flourished. Democracy remained until 1935 when the Fascist Dictator José Otto von McGregor won the elections. The regime was sympathetic to the policies of the German Third Reich. However, Hitler never annexed Zimmerland because he did not consider the Zimms as being "Pureblood Germans". On 1946 with the help of the USSR, a Glorious revolution was held and the Democratic Republic of Zimmerland was established. After the collapse of the communist system, Zimmerland became democratic.


The term Zimm or Zimmish in the 19th century applied to any citizen of the Empire of Zimmerland between 1804 and 1867, regardless of his nationality. Before the 19th century, the term Zimmish meant subjects of the Zimmmerburg realm, to which Bergsjön did not belong. In the closest sense, the term Zimmish ever since meant inhabitants of Lower Zimmerland and Upper [1] Zimmerland, constituting the first lands to be called Zimmerland in the early Middle Ages. These were German-speaking people only.

Armed Forces and Police

Zimmerland has a National Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Military is under the direct command of the Eternal President, through the Ministry of Defense. The current Chief of Staff of the Land Forces is Hamza Iqbal. The Army is armed with crossbows and its role is largely ceremonial.

The Zimmerland maintains a police force to keep the order on its "territories", the Gendarmerie Corps of Zimmerland. The total number of soldiers and agents is currently 3.

State Religion

According to the Constitution Zimmerland has Eastern Orthodoxy as the official religion. The Eternal President himself is an Orthodox Christian. However, other religions are well accepted by the government and there is freedom of belief.

Orthodox Priest

Diplomatic and Consular Relations

Among the nations that have recognized and held diplomatic relations with the Zimmerland there is:

Zimmerland has De Facto Consulates in Sweden, Chile, Florida, and Illinois.