Union of South American Micronations

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Union of South American Micronations
União de Micronações Sul-Americanas (pt)
Unión de Micronaciones Suramericanas (es)


Macronations that contain USAM claims within their borders (light blue observers)

Headquarters South Würdigestadt

Official languages Spanish, Portuguese, Recognized minority languages

Membership 3 members, 4 permanent members

-Secretary-General Arthur Lobão

-Foundation 2010
-Re-establishment 2012

Websites Currently unavailable

The Union of South American Micronations (Portuguese: União das Micronações Sul-Americanas, Spanish: Unión de Micronaciones Suramericanas) commonly acronymed as USAM and UMSA is a micronational union with the goal of creating straight bonds between South American micronations. Founded in 2010, it fell into a dormant state, but it was re-activated by Lucas Campos in 2012. By 2013 it had fallen into inactivity once again.


Flag of the USAM before the formation of the South American Parliament in 2012

The USAM was founded in 2012 by Zimmerland as an intermicronational union of micronations in order to contribute to the development and internal affairs of South American micronations, original members included the Chiriqui Government in Exile, Zimmerland and Neutraxia. Those states eventually lost their activity and the USAM became inactive. In 2011 Berin joined the union, without major activity progress. The union remained inactive until in 2012 Lucas Campos of Koss saw the opportunity to improve relations and talks between South American nations, at the time a more closed group restrained to a few micronations. The union's members included Koss and Montriac. The creation of the Austral Economical Union, the USAM saw economical aspects of the South American micronational sphere. When the Kossian Empire was created, not many micronations left formed part of the union, and it saw itself in inactivity again when the Kossian Empire's successors, Koss and Cizland saw differences and decided to carry on without the USAM. Later then Koss joined St.Charlie as a Federation and the only members left were Würdigeland and Gerenia which's interests differed from the existence of the USAM. The USAM however revived once again with the acceptance of the Union of Artaghe in the USAM and the creation of the Parliament of the Union of South American Micronations on July 12, 2012.


South American Peso

The South American Peso was the currency issued by the South American Micronational Bank. The South American Peso was pegged to the Salazarian Fortuno and it was the common currency used among the members of the USAM. It was the official currency of the Republic of Neutrexia and the Chiriqui Government in Exile.

Austral franc

The Austral franc is the official currency of the Union, being issued by the Royale. It is the official currency of Würdigeland and the St.Charlian Federation of Koss. It is currently pegged to .60 Hong Kong Dollars. Prior the formation of the South American Parliament, the currency was controlled by the Austral Economical Union, that later merged with the USAM on July 12, 2012.

South American Parliament

Parliament's current composition

The South American Parliament officially the Parliament of the Union of South American Nations (Parlamento da União de Micronações Sul-Americanas; Parlamento de la Unión de Micronaciones Suramericanas) is the major legislative body of the Union. It counts with delegations from the three members of the Union and off-state deputies, and its main language is English. The Secretary-General presides over each meeting. The parliament meets every two weeks on Thursday. The Parliament was founded on July 12, 2012, after the Union was re-activated with its three new members. The last parliament consisted of:

Name Representing Ideology Notes
Arthur Lobão Würdigeland Technocratic Secretary-General
Aina Oehler Artaghe Social Democrat
Gerald Ruze Gerenia Independent
Lucas Campos Koss Liberal Conservative Off-state delegate
Piero Kaiser Würdigeland Technocratic
Richard Garrshire Artaghe Social Democrat



The members are those member states that are active in the Union's activities, participate and conform the Parliament of the Union of South American Micronations. Currently the members of the Union are:

Permanent Members

The permanent members are nations that did not took part in the re-activation of the Union, but are granted membership in honour to their participation in the creation of the Union back in 2010. The current permanent members are:


The observers are those states whose membership is only restricted to the observation and notification of activities by the USAM and sessions of the South American Parliament, but are not encouraged to vote or participate. These states may be from different geographical points other than South America. The observers as of the last Session are: