Wiggle Gaw Gadowd

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Wiggle Gaw Gadowd, Ex-Governor of West Würdigestadt, (born 14 August 1996, Bern) is the one of the founders The Empire of Würdigeland


Early years

Wiggle Gaw Gadowd was born in Bern in 1952. Due to his above average intellectual capacity and desire to change the worlds present situation, he began a political career in 2012 when he joined Würdigeland. He has shown a mix of socialist and conservative ideals in his political carrer.

Würdigeland Years

Being unhappy with the countries organization, he decided to aid on creating a Micronation, Following his ideals, along with his Friend, Arthur Lobão. From this, Würdigeland was born.

May Crisis

Being unsatisfied with the rapidly changing political scenery in Würdigeland, Piero resigned as founded the now defunct Empire of Dark. The conflicts between South and West Würdigestadt lasted one week, Ceasing with Wiggle Gaw Gadowd apologizing and agreeing to a provisional Prime Minister place in the government.

September Secession War

After Wiggle Gaw Gadowd losing the election to continue his term as Prime Minister, he decided that he would be better off if he left the empire with both his region, West Würdigestadt and Palmeburg.