Technocratic Capital of Würdigeland

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Technocratic Capital of Würdigeland
Coat of arms
Motto: Ad Victoriam, Ex Sapientia (Latin: To Victory, By Knowledge)
Anthem: Preußens Gloria

São Paulo, Brasil
and largest city
South Würdigestadt
Official languagesEnglish and German (official) Portuguese (Regional)
GovernmentTechnocratic constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Arthur I
• Prime Minister
• Census
CurrencyWürdigeland Mark
Time zoneUTC-03

The Technocratic Capital of Würdigeland (de:Kaiserreich Würdigeland) is a micronation founded in 2012. It is a long lasting idea from Emperor Arthur I and Wiggle Gaw Gadowd. It is currently situated in São Paulo, Brazil. It is governed as a technocracy, of which there are several ministers who have their own field of knowledge. Such ministries are chosen by their level of knowledge in said fields.


Würdigeland comes form the German würdige, which means worthy. Therefore Würdigeland could be literally translated as Land of the Worthy.


The foundation ceremony was held on 27 April 2012, in the residence of the Emperor, Arthur I.

Over the following months, Würdigeland became an active part of the community and signed a few recognition treaties. It has been regarded as a very friendly Nation.

After some time in the community, it established formal relations with the now defunct Confederate States of Prosperity. During a possible reform, Würdigeland intervened and suggested a Empire be formed. The discussions culminated in the foundation of the Würtige Empire. Out of 5 active nations of the old CSP, 3 joined the Empire.

May crisis

In May, 2012, legislator and a founding founder of Würdigeland, Wiggle Gaw Gadowd and the Emperor had a discussion about the future interests of the nation. Wiggle Gaw Gadowd claimed the Crown was violating the constitution and making Würdigeland an autocracy, in order to prevent that, Wiggle Gaw Gadowd decided to leave. This incident was called the Würdigeland's May Crisis.

About a week later, Wiggle Gaw Gadowd and the Emperor Arthur I talked their issues over, and decided that Wiggle Gaw Gadowd could enjoy a Provisional Prime Minister place. He was Re-elected in the June, 2012 Elections.

West Würdigestadt Succession

After the September elections, Wiggle Gaw Gadowd lost his office as Prime Minister. At that point, he started to show some unhappiness with his sudden loss of power and decided that it would be best to remove West Würdigestadt and Palmeburg from the Empire. Claiming that "I have no personal quarrels with our Kaiser Arthur I, but I think that West Würdigestadt will work better if it enjoys an Independent status".

Arthur Sent the 1st Würtige Guard Division to attempt to suppress the insurgency, but, the troops encountered several difficulties in occupying the city after several counter-attacks. A peaceful solution was reached, and West Würdigestadt was brought back into the fold, having Wiggle Gaw Gadowd as Governor. Tensions still exist about the way the government manages its provinces.

Government and politics

Würdigeland is a technocratic constitutional monarchy with an active monarch. The monarch of Würdigeland is known as the Emperor, currently Arthur I. The Emperor is responsible for keeping the nation organized and functioning. The post of Emperor is an hereditary one, while the Prime Minister is an elected position.

The government of Würdigeland has ministries, which are governmental departments for each field of knowledge. Each minister is chosen by his or her capabilities. If there are any ties, they are decided by a exam formulated by the government to evaluate their knowledge.

Würdigeland currently uses the Third Imperial Constitution, which was approved in June 6 by the House of Lords.


Würdigeland uses a Bicameral Parliamentary system. Consisting of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The headquarters of the Parliament is in South Würdigestadt, but it meets in Skype.

Foreign Policies

Würdigeland's foreign policy is charactized as very friendly, it recognizes any serious and peace-loving nation.


The Capital has a booming investing market, which is regulated by the Empire. Due to its investing in private enterprises, it has attracted a number of freelancers.

The Capital, as well as the Empire, uses the Würtige Mark as its official currency. It's currently pegged at R$0.50 BR. Widely regarded as a fairly stable regional currency, it has seen some success as a security.

Law and order

The Capital abides and draws most of it's laws from the Imperial Council, but it also has an independent Parliament made up from citizens of the South American territories.


The Capital of the Würtige Empire makes use of the Kaiserlichen Legionen to defend itself. The 1st Imperial Legion is stationed in the Capital, under command of the Emperor Arthur Lobão


Würdigeland has Prussian virtues at heart, being fairly liberal, with a largely tolerant populace. It has a booming alternative youth culture.


Würdigeland has a strong Cuisine that, although Würdigeland is German Based, derives from Italian and Portuguese cuisine, It's national dish is the Seasoned Squid a la Portuguese. It is eaten in festivities and holidays alike.