Federated Republics of Flatland

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Federated Republics of Flatland
Flag of Federated Republics of Flatland
|85px|Coat of arms of Federated Republics of Flatland]]
Coat of arms
Motto: "For greatness, for liberty!"
Anthem: Flatland National Anthem
Location of Federated Republics of Flatland
CapitalAuburn, Flatland
Other languagesEnglish
• Prime Minister
Brayden Yates
Establishment21 September 2009
• Total
3,838 km2 (1,482 sq mi)
• Census
CurrencyFlatlandian dollars
Time zoneUTC-6

Flatland, officially the Federated Republics of Flatland, or the acronym FRF is a territorial North American micronation. A member of the Society for the Culture of Small Unrecognised States and the Vanguard Powers, it is located primarily in North America, but they have provinces all over the world in places like Australia. Flatland was originally a Representative Democracy however, they became a Parliamentary Democracy in 2010. Flatland is one of the largest if not the largest micronation in North America. Flatland is a member of the Anglophone sector.Flatland is a developed nation and contains a notaphiliac economic system. Flatland was a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations until the downfall of the organisation.


The name 'Flatland' comes from the original flat territory that was claimed in September, 2009; consisting of the prime minister's house. The Federated Republics began as 'the United States of Flatland' however the president, now prime minister chose to change Flatland to a federal republic. The federal republic became 'the Federated Republics of Flatland' on 28 May 2012.


The Federated Republics was originally lived on by indigenous population on the North American republics and indigenous population until the industrialisation into the modern era, and was then claimed by the Federated Republics.

In 2011, the United States of Flatland chose to become a federal republic. The news was shared over the Flatland's first newspaper, the Flatlandian Times. The Federal Government became a parliamentary democracy.

Claim Error of the Eniarkian Confederation

On 9 of August, 2012, M. Aaron Meek, the Federal President of the Eniarkian Confederation claimed that Flatland was inactive in 2010 and claimed the Republic of Todd and the Republic of Logan. The Vanguard Powers and Sir Alexander Gibbs, OFE, OoB, the Prime Mister of Flatland have since resolved this error, and the Prime Minister plans to maintain good relations with the Eniarkian Confederation.

Government and Politics

Flatland is a parliamentary democracy with seperation of powers between the executive, legislative, and judicial branch. The head of government as well as the the head of state is the Prime Minister of Flatland.

As a federation, Flatland accepts new republics. Since the creation of Flatland in 2009, Flatland has gained 4 new republics. This includes the fictional republic, Minecraftia which is held over the indie game, Minecraft and a claim on Micras, known as Arcor. Each republic has freedoms and a member in the federal cabinet.

The prime minister, Alexander Gibbs, was the first prime minister in Flatland as well as the first male prime minister. He was appointed the position prime minister on the 21st of September 2009, during the foundation of the nation. The Prime Minister has a term of three years before the next election. The Prime Minister has no limits on terms, however in the situation that heinous crimes are commited the Prime Minister can be impeached and banned from government positions.

Law and order

Flatland's judicial branch is seperated from the rest of government which is known as 'seperation of powers'. This ensures that the courts of Flatland are fair. The High Court is the highest court in Flatland. The High Court handles all legal situations.

Foreign Affairs

Flatland first opened relations with the Slinky Empyre through YouTube in September 2010 and later joined the Grand International Alliance in May 2012. The Federated Republics has since left the Grand International Alliance. The Federated Republics of Flatland left the Organisation of Active Micronations during the motion of no confidence.

Currently, Flatland will open diplomacy with any micronation who does not have violent intentions. Diplomacy is to be voted on by Flatlandian parliament. A new foreign policy is being written.


The Federated Republic's Armed Forces (FRAF) consists of an Army, Navy, and Air Corps, and some subdivisions. The Army uses 'airsoft' and 'Nerf' weapons. The Navy consists of small boats with 'stud-guns' mounted. Finally, the Air Corps contains 2 aeroplanes, the Cessna 180 and the piper cub aircraft. The Air Corps also uses the Flight Simulation program, Flight Simulator X which was made by Microsoft to fly some aircraft. The military was only mobilised once during the attack on Todd to end racism.

Science and Technology

Currently, Flatland has some technological plans, consisting of a rocket and a monorail. The Prime Minister stated that he "demands the creation of new technology." Flatland has built an Estes A8-3 rocket, and has plans to launch it soon.

Geography and Climate

Flatland is about 3,838 square kilometers, within the republics. Natural dangers in Flatland include:

  • Tornadoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Possible Ice Storms
An ice storm in Flatland.


Flatland is currently working on education programs.


Flatland has plans to begin a university. The university will most likely be put on a different website than the offical Flatlandian website.


Flatland currently has a newspaper which posts all new news in Flatland in a non-biased format.

The YouTube channel currently posts some news. The channel plans to post a monthly news soon.

the Arts

Flatland currently contains musical and visual art, however Flatland doesn't have a performing arts centre.

National Anthem

The national anthem is known to most as My Old Kentucky Home, which is the state song of the State of Kentucky. This anthem was chosen for a number of reasons: the main one being that the Federated Republics is located generally in the State of Kentucky.

Stephen Foster, the composer of the Flatlandian National Anthem.


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