Austral franc

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Austral franc
Franco austral (Portuguese)
1₣ banknote5₣ banknote
Pluralfrancs, Francos austrais (Portuguese)
Date of introduction2012
User(s) State of Koss
Central bankRoyale
Pegged withMicroCoin

The Austral Franc (Portuguese: Franco austral); plural Austral Francs (Portuguese: Francos austrais) is the official currency of the State of Koss, formerly being attached to the UNECAUS and USAM. The Franc has been printed mainlty by the Royale since 2012, however, local banks were allowed permits in order issue the Austral franc in zones of difficult access. It is divided as: 1.00 Austral francs is divided into x5 centimes.

It was created with the proposal of the early Principality of Montriac to the Grand Duke of Koss, Lucas Campos. The Austral franc was officially adopted by Koss the 15th of February 2012 and by Montriac the day of its official independence the 16th of February 2012. The UNECAUS treaty specified the use and position of the Austral Franc as national currency of all member nations of the Austral Economical Union, with no exceptions[citation needed]. However, when the South American Parliament held its first session in July 12, 2012, it was agreed between the USAM Secretary-General and the President of the UNECAUS that the Austral Economical Union shall be merged with the USAM and the Austral franc would be used as statutory currency for the USAM. After the fall of the Union, the currency remained as the sole currency of Koss, where it is used by the Government in practically every aspect.


The Austral Franc is currently used as an official currency in the State of Koss

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